Imagine this you just landed an appointment with a potential client, a large client who is a big user of promotional products.

They see the value in investing in branding campaigns throughout the entire year. Now what will set you apart from your competitors who also have confirmed appointments with this potential client? Covering the basics, we look at what products they have used in the past and for what type of promotions, be it a trade show, client awareness, product or service launch? The idea is, we drill down until we uncover what's important to their business, the trends in their industry, what their competitors are doing then we can begin the process of developing product ideas around the clients specific promotional agenda. The promotional product business has evolved well beyond a commodity business where a pen is a pen. Today, clients need to deliver results for every dollar invested in any marketing endeavor and that’s where you have a tremendous opportunity to shine and outperform your competition. Let’s look at some simple tools that are available, free to use and provide a wealth of information. Tools are just that, vehicles you will need time and some resourcefulness to really undercover their strengths and how they will help you. Once you understand their usefulness you will be amazed at how easy and effective these tools really are.

Keyword Research oriented listNext, we can begin to look at keywords using the Google Adword,, this is one tool that will provide you ideas around your clients business, industry and even trends, Start compiling a list and make notes from here you can do a web search, I use Google because I like their wonder wheel feature which will provide you with a resource of keywords around your particular search. The wonder wheel feature is available on the left side below all results and you open the wheel and type in your keyword and from there the wheel will begin giving you keywords based on your search request. The wheel provides search data and remembers search data is based on actual searches rendered so the data is very reliable. Now you have data from searches rendered next you can search trends and ideas around an industry, story or theme.

Again, make a list of related keywords specific to your clients business and industry and compare that list to your original keyword and trend lists. As I work through this process, I begin to develop a sense of my clients business, their products and their services another plus, is you actually start to learn about your client’s business. Now you know much more about your clients business, their industry, trends, competitors and can begin the process of identifying products that make sense provide value and demonstrate to your potential new client that you understand their business, value the relationship and that you are not just a product sales company. The idea is to use tools that are available in creative ways that will allow you to think around your competitors. Saludos: Jerry|CMT Creative Marketing

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