It is the dream for every website to be one of the top ten or top 5 results of any relevant search. But this doesn’t happen despite having great content, well written articles and valuable information. The reason may be that the website and articles are not constructed in a manner that is easily recognizable by search engines. Without appearing in the top ten search results for relevant topics, the website will not get sufficient number of visitors and that would defeat its basic purpose.

Here are some basic methods by which you can ensure that your article is ranked well by search engines:

• Search engine algorithms use mainly two factors while determining the best results for any search. One is relevancy and the other is trust. Relevancy is determined by the content that your website/blog has and trust includes many other things like the websites that have links of your website/blog.

• There are many businesses and websites targeting the same group of consumers. The keyword and keyword phrases you have may be shared by other websites as well so you must choose the most relevant and unique keywords possible.

• Coming to keywords again, there are many websites that use an extensive list of keywords and keyword phrases. It is important to narrow down the number of keywords to just those that are extremely important.

• It is always important when you choose keywords that you make sure you check search engines for the top ten results that are displayed for them. Taking a close look at other websites that are competition is important. Also, go through their website to see what they offer that you don’t have.

• Check the competition websites’ back links to know all the websites they are featured in. It is important to then try and get as many if not more back links. Back links are a very important means by which search engines determine the page rankings. It is also important that you get your links placed on high ranking websites…so, quality of back links is important too besides the quantity.

• While eying for top ten rankings, it is important to ensure that you have a good webpage structure. This would mean that you need a well structured page with keywords, title tags, description tags, heading tags and the keywords in the URL. It is important to however not use the keywords too much as the search engines will consider it spamming. Always keep the visitor in mind also when writing an article. Both search engine & reader will have to be fond of your page!

• Word count is an important factor to determine the readability of the page. Anything between 500 to 900 words is considered good for the main text. You could also take a look at a couple of competition websites and determine the average word count.

As always, the biggest emphasis should be on having unbeatable content on your website and nothing else would draw traffic more than well written articles. OR check this out

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