Hi Thanks for dropping in, Remember when the phone companies would pay you to switch your long distance service?  Seemed pretty dumb, huh? 

But what if only one company had the legal right to do it? Less than two weeks ago I met the CEO and founder of a Chicago company that is using a similar concept to change the way people get mortgages. 

Everyone is looking for more money these days...and if you're paying attention, you know the mortgage industry is changing fast.  Mortgage brokers are expensive for the lenders...and seen as liabilities rather than assets.

What if you could refer your neighbor, best friend or even yourself for a mortgage and get a fat check after the closing...legally...and without a license? If your friend (or you) could get a mortgage...with the same rates, terms, payments, etc. that is serviced by the same big banks as always...but get an $800 check after closing...would you take it?  Who wouldn't?

This new concept is 100% compliant with R.E.S.P.A. (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act) and is spreading like a wildfire to major corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals in the know. This is a huge opportunity for investors to make more money on deals, for realtors to be paid for mortgage referrals (when they never could before), for schools & non-profit organizations to raise money without selling anything...and for individuals who use the service or simply pass the word along to friends and acquaintances. And best of all...enrollment costs nothing!  Click the link below and watch this 3 minute video for details: Introduction to Loan Home Once you enroll you'll see an 8 minute video with more details.


Wayne Hairston

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Introduction to Loan Home

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