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Positive Attitude Working at Home
Scott Lindsay
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By Scott Lindsay
Published on 07/15/2017

Cultivating a Positive Attitude and Keeping It For Life

40. Cultivate a positive focus mind. It’s easy to be negative, find faults in things, look for others to blame. It takes no effort to think or be like this. However self-praise, forward-thinking, creativity and actually taking action requires mental strength and courage. Cultivate a positive mind in your business and it will spread naturally to all other areas of your life.

41. Stay away from nay-sayers and haters. People who do not develop themselves are quick to have an opinion on something they don’t understand. Even worse you can offend them and they belittle you and try to talk you down. This is because they themselves are too afraid to step up their game and better themselves because they have their own fears. I would strongly recommend you cut these people from your life completely. However if these happen to be close members of your family, or your spouse, keep your ideas and plans to yourself, and divert attention away from your business when it comes up in conversation.

42. Spend more time with like-minded people. Go to seminar events, network with people who think like you, talk to people who love talking about ideas. Ideas will bounce off each other and you will stimulate each others minds. When you’re in the presence of creative people, it’s completely different energy. It will rub off on you and you will approach your business with a new perspective.

43. You can make money or you can make excuses… but you can’t make both! Talking about your problems to others or looking for someone to complain to is a completely different state of mind from someone who is planning, creating and doing. Decide whether you’re in this to make money or to tell others that it can’t be done.

12 Advantages to Working at Home
I'm sure that you have, just like all the rest of us. Well, I will truthfully tell you that indeed, there are many ways you are able to legitimately generate income. And along with those possibilities are many excellent benefits, and I’m not discussing the insurance coverage type. I'm talking about practical chosen lifestyle advantages.

So, how many benefits will a home based job or internet business really have? I could pull quite a few right out of my hat this very second. I adore my home business situation and it rewards me in so many various ways. I'm grateful each and every day that I am able to do exactly what I do from home and be prosperous in a struggling economy. I definitely don't take it for granted. Things could possibly change in a flash.

Listed below are the #1 benefits of working at home

* Flexibility - This one has to be on the very top of the list. In order to come and go when you wish without thinking a single thought about it is a pretty amazing reason in itself for selecting home employment. Whether you have small children at home, aging parents that require you or perhaps you simply want and prefer to be at home. Flexibility is the number one-all-time favorite reason behind working from home. Enough said.

* No Commute - Let's be honest, nobody likes to sit in congested traffic day in and day out. I am so happy to not have to worry about that any more. The travelling back and forth to work's daily dilemma is obviously a real drag, particularly with the cost of fuel right now. However, working at home has a few down sides too, and you have to take several things into consideration. But, you know, every rose has its thorns. The down side to self employment is really a whole different article, as we are concentrating on all the benefits here.

* No Dress Codes - Did you ever think you'd be happy staying in your pajamas all day long? A lot of people that work at home never get dressed in the daytime. And yet for many, they really feel much more productive if they get dressed every morning before taking that brief leisurely stroll to the home office. For me, it's just the relaxing thought behind it. I'm at ease in shorts or a well-broke-in pair of jeans while tapping on my computer keyboard.

* No Boss - This one has a whole other perspective to it. Not having a boss to answer to is so extremely nice. Personally, it's especially nice not to have somebody keeping an eye on me every second during the day. I've got a schedule all my own and have complete control of how my work day will be spent. If I decide to take the day off… so be it. There is no sick phone call required of me.

* Cut costs On Fuel - This can be a huge one by itself. Gas prices are forever staggering with today's economy. And if you have an especially long travel to work, it's a double whammy. I am aware of a number of people who are working simply to be working with the high gas prices.

* Less Stress - Whenever you take into consideration these three, no commute, no specified time to be at the office, and no boss, there may be less stress. It would be for anyone. And these stressers could and most certainly do result in many health problems.

* More Family Time - Who doesn't love more family time? There's no question, the kids benefit the most from this particular one. Whenever you work from home there are deadlines. Nevertheless, you have the final say at when you accomplish this work. It takes a well-thought-out routine, as well as good quality multi tasking skills. But the end result is truly having additional time to be with your family, particularly your kids.

* Possibly More money - If you work smart, you can actually make more money working at home than at a job outside the home. It was definitely accurate in my case. And if I would return to a brick and mortar job today, I would most definitely have to start at the bottom of the pole once again. For most, it is a fact rather than a dream.

* Safety - In today's world, absolutely no questions asked, yes you'd be safer by working from home. There would be no danger, (ok, less of a risk) from being mugged just by being at home. You also would not have the day-to-day risk of an automobile accident. Just these two variables will get a fat check mark in my book.

* Preserves Environment - Did you know that 80% of our country's pollution comes from automobile? That percentage increases by slow-moving automobiles in rush hour traffic. Telecommuting is obviously the top answer and for that reason, helps preserve the environment.

* Time Saver - Of course you'd have more time to make money. You would have no commute, and you would have virtually no time taken out of your day getting completely dressed and ready to tackle the day's traffic and work day. Those two factors are sufficient for me. Not to mention not having to bother with preparing lunches or treats during the day.

* Increases Productivity - Of course, there is more productivity when you take all the benefits above into consideration. Without any time taken off for getting back and forth from work, the flexibility, and no boss is for sure enough reason for higher productivity. Combine all these reasons with being there for your kids, and you have a real winner of a home job.

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