How much money can you make with an affiliate marketing business? The answer is quite simple really – you can make more than enough money to cover all your living expenses and have some left over for luxuries! But you should realise that you need to build up a business around affiliate marketing slowly and steadily. Don’t expect to be cashing cheques for thousands of pounds on a daily basis just weeks or even months after setting up your first few affiliate businesses. It takes time and experience to really make the most of this type of business model. There are definitely some good reasons to exploring this money making avenue in more depth.

In case you don’t know what affiliate marketing is all about, let’s explore it in a bit more depth. Basically you can make sales on behalf of other people and their products by way of using adverts and links on your own websites. You could also do this on your business blog or even by using a free web page of some kind. There are plenty of websites out there that allow their members to create their own web pages. It is almost possible to get started earning from affiliate marketing without owning a site of your own!

What happens is this – you put an advert up about a product which has your own affiliate code embedded within it. You don’t have to figure this out yourself – you simply use the ads given to you by the company you are affiliated with.

When someone clicks on that ad and goes ahead to buy the product, you will get a percentage of the sale. This could be anything from 5% to more than 50%. Some products offer 75% commission for the affiliate, which means you could get a very nice payout indeed.

You can also use your links in other ways. For instance you could write an evaluation of the product or service, although this should really only be done if you have first hand knowledge of it. Apart from anything else your position will be strengthened because you can speak from personal experience. And again, if anyone clicks on the link and makes a purchase you will benefit from it directly.

The key to building a successful affiliate business is to build a website or a web page (or indeed a blog) around one specific niche topic. It’s no good focusing on trying to cover all kinds of topics on the one site. This will dilute your audience and that won’t lead to good sales. Instead you need to focus in on one group of people and then make sure you have the right products and services to offer them.

This is how your business can get more sales because you are appealing to a specific group who are going to be interested in what you have to show them. In addition to this you need to get plenty of traffic to your web sites, and this is an ongoing thing. The more regular traffic you can get, the more chance you have of converting some of it into sales.

As you can see there is a lot of potential with an affiliate business. All you have to do is get started and take the first baby step towards your success.

So How much money can you make with a Facebook affiliate marketing business
The answer is quite simple really – you can make more than enough money to cover all your living expenses and have some left over for luxuries