In order to establish what an authority link tool is you first have to define what an authority link is. An authority link is a backlink from a website that has a high standing in the search engines (these are domains).

So why are links from authority sites important? - In a nutshell because they help with your search engine ranking (perhaps more so than any other types of backlink). So in order to start obtaining such backlinks the obvious place to start is to by determining which authority sites are already linking out to other websites. Even more critically it is important to determine which authority sites are linking to sites that are in the same subject areas as yours (i.e. linking to your competitors!). This is where authority link tools come into play.

So what type of authority link tools are available for you to use, typically these tools include such things as:

.edu backlink checker - checks for backlinks websites. Typically these tools will require you to enter a domain to check (either your own or more usually a competitive website - particularly one that is outranking you in the search engines!), they will then report back authority sites are linking back to the specified domain. It is useful to discover such information for a competing domain so that you can replicate their backlink pattern and hence replicate their success.

.gov backlink checker - exactly same in principle backlink checkers but do their checking domains rather (obvious really). Used in exactly the same way as tools

DMOZ backlink checker - again exactly the same as but checking for links from the DMOZ (Directory Mozilla) ODP (Open Directory Project). DMOZ is important because it is the largest and most well respected web directory on the internet. Not only is it important to get your site listed in DMOZ but it is also important to get backlinks from sites that are listed in DMOZ.

Yahoo backlink checker - just like the DMOZ backlink checker but working against the Yahoo Directory (important note - the Yahoo directory is NOT the same as the Yahoo search engine - similar to DMOZ it is a human edited directory). Again it is doubly important to check these backlinks to make sure that your site is listed in the Yahoo directory and to identify sites that may (or already do) link back to your site.

The above tools may be used singularly but also can be used in combination, indeed many sites offering such tools often combine them together and refer them to as authority link tools, authority link checkers or multiple authority link checkers.

They can be very powerful tools in your SEO armoury and should be used as a standard part of your link building campaigns. Getting links from authority sites can significantly boost your search engine rankings and hence it is well worth expending effort to get them, using authority link tools can help you get such valuable links.