Building a blog that can be approved on paid blogging networks to get paid to blog quite a few of you must have known that paid blogging is a very good source of income. This can also be your mainstream income source if you could monetize it to its potential. So let’s begin by your domain name. You will need to get your own domain name to get approved on most networks as they don’t go with xyz(.)blogspot(.)com and also, choose a niche before you buy your domain . This is because if you own your domain and hosting, it is under your control. Next comes the hosting, you will need nothing more than basic hosting. You can get hosting for as cheap as $4-$5 per month. Personally, much cheaper hosts are bad and you will probably have server down-times quite frequently, so it is better to go for the more famous ones.

After you get your domain and hosting, you will need to install WordPress. WordPress is of course the best ever blogging platform on earth. You could either do a manual install by downloading WordPress from the website or you could do the install through Fantastico under c-Panel of your web host. After the installation is over, you are all set to roll! You should probably start off with an introductory post and then you can jump into your niche. Keep posting regularly; you will need to post at least once a day to keep things running. After you do a new blog post, remember that you should spread the word as far as possible, bookmark it on all social networks you use for maximum exposure. Tweet your post to your followers and you could also send a direct message if you have a few followers who are truly interested in your post. It is wise to have it as your status messages on FaceBook if possible because it can attract even the passing guy to have a look if he’s interested.

Next comes the complicated part. It is building a page rank. Normally Google used to update page rank once in every 3-4 months, but now it seems that they are updating it on the run. Sites as young as a month have made page ranks! So you need to start building links as soon as possible. To build links, you have many options. One of the best is to post those links as signature links on your profiles on different forums or website. Make sure that the forum or website allows links that way! The next method is one of the most commonly used methods but it is seriously very effective. It’s called blog commenting, where you comment on other blogs and leave your website’s link. That becomes a backlink, and as you know, backlinks are the main source of search rankings and page rank. Make sure that you do not spam the website with your links, and always read the content on the website before you make a regular comment like ‘good post’. Remember, they hate spam as much as you do!
How would you like to have you own internet business done for you and completely set up in under 45 minutes?Finally, continue blogging for a minimum of 3 months and apply to a network.

You are most likely to get approved, if you don’t, simply change your blog according to the network’s requirements and re apply! Eureka, you are on your way to make a decent sum of money!

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