Everybody knows that a squeeze page is a crucial element in your list building campaign. The question is; what kind of squeeze page is most effective in converting visitors into subscribers?

For those who don't know what a squeeze page is (also known as an opt-in, or landing page); it's a single-page website containing a form which visitors may enter their name and email address in exchange for a free product, such as an e-book, application software, video, or some other item of value to the prospective subscriber. (This is known as an enticement, or an “ethical bribe”) It's called a squeeze page, because the visitor must either enter their name and email address or navigate away from the page, empty-handed.

Before you start spending online Unlock the Xmas Bargain Buyers Power of MyShoppingGenieBack in the day, an opt-in was a fairly simple thing. Just a box with a form, and a couple of lines of text. It was considered a revolutionary idea at the time, but these days, a squeeze page has to do more than just give a visitor a means to enter their information. It's not enough to simply say: “Hey, gimme your email address and I'll give you a free report!” It has to be compelling... It should get prospective subscribers excited about receiving what you have to offer. In short, your squeeze page has to pre-sell the customer.

Some contain a couple of paragraphs of text, with bullet points and graphics, and resemble a mini sales page. Others incorporate slick graphics and eye-catching video, audio and/or animation. While still others offer a great deal of information to the prospective subscriber, only requesting an email address to continue further (this is known as a “reverse” squeeze page).

There are varying opinions regarding which type of squeeze page is most effective at converting subscribers. Lately, landing pages that incorporate video are strongly recommended for greater exposure, (it's estimated that over 50% of all Google searches are for video) while other experts will tell you that simple opt-ins work best for them.

The truth is, it really depends on your market. Consider what type of product you are promoting, and what your target market is looking for. If your product is information-based, then a reverse squeeze page may work best for you. If you're promoting a simple, utilitarian item, then you might want to consider something that's more to the point. If it's a service, or training material, then a 2-3 minute video might be in order. Your best bet is to try a couple of different types and “split test” them to see which one produces the most subscribers. This can be easily tracked by your auto-responder.

Don't worry if you don't have any web design skills, or a lot of money to pay a designer to come up with a bunch of different landing pages for you. For a very minimal investment, there are sites that offer huge libraries of high-quality, completely customizable squeeze pages, designed by marketing professionals who know what converts curious visitors into subscribers.