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Various Business Models of Internet Marketing
Jason Bacot
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By Jason Bacot
Published on 08/16/2018
Internet Marketing has transformed the way in which most of the individuals perform business Individuals and corporations can choose between different models of Online marketing

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Internet Marketing has transformed the way in which most of the individuals perform business. Individuals and corporations can choose between different models of Online marketing.

1. E-commerce
2. Affiliate marketing
3. Local Internet marketing
4. Lead based websites
5. Publishing
6. Black-hat marketing

Below are some details of the above marketing methods:

1. E-commerce: In this business model of Internet Marketing, goods or services are sold directly to the customers directly from the website of the manufacturer or the service provider. The customer can choose the products or services from the website and purchase the product or service quite easily from such websites. The different steps involved in making a purchase from e-commerce websites are as follows:

i. Choosing the product or service
ii. Adding to a virtual shopping cart where all chosen products or services are placed
iii. Making the payment

After payment has been made, the goods or services that have been bought are delivered to the address of the buyer by the website owner. The e-commerce website owner can include charges of shipping in the cost price of each unit or mention it separately.

2. Affiliate marketing: This form of Online Marketing involves sharing of revenues by a business owner with its associates. An associate is such an Internet user who brings visitors to the website of the business owner in lieu of a reward such as a cut from every sale that is generated by him or her. The rewards may include a portion of the income generated from the sale, cash, gifts etc.

Many websites have started this form of Online marketing as they are willing to share a part of their earnings with their affiliates for greater sales. This has brought a number of benefits for every one including the affiliates and the business owners. This doesn't involve a lot of effort on part of the affiliates as what they have to do is to only include an ad from the business owner on their websites.

3. Local Internet marketing: Business owners can target their advertisements on Internet users depending on their geographical location. This can be done with the help of some smart tools provided by publishers which can filter the advertisements depending on physical location of every Internet visitor.

4. Publishing: Popular websites can host advertisements from advertisers who wish to cash on their popularity. They can charge a certain fee from every advertiser and the fee is usually determined by the publisher. The payment can be made by the advertiser based on two models: pay per click or pay per sale. The rates can be determined by taking help of competitive bidding in which different advertisers can place their bids for slots on the publishers' websites.
Online Videos Are Like Blinking In The Dark

5. Black hat Online marketing: Website owners can employ rogue methods to divert web traffic to their websites. This form of Internet marketing consists of the following:

i. Spam
ii. Use of methods such as link farms, keyword stuffing etc to get indexed by search engines.