Why should you do video marketing?

1. It works.

2. Search engines love videos. Now it gets the most viewing timeand many of us feel similar to being face to face with someone when we see and hear them in a videoand when we favor a particular medium so do the search engines because when we get the results that we want we will keep using that search engine and they will make more money.

3. When someone watches a video of you, their mind processes it very similar as seeing you in person and it make them feel very similar as though they had a conversation with you and increase their feelings of trust.

4. It is an effective way to get your key words and links put all over the web in places that search engines promote.

What can you market with videos? Anything! Your website, your blog, every article on your blog. Put your original or best version of every one of your articles on your blog, and everything on the web. Your blog is one thing you control. You can change it as often as you need so it will always fit what you're doing.

As you start doing it you will find that it is simple to do. You only need your video to be about one to two minutes long. People have short attention spans and no one wants to wait too long for it to load. Say who you are to make your viewer feel like it is more personal, give them your city and your solution the their problem or need, the product or whatever you are marketing needs to solve a problem. People have problems, give them your solution.

You can also make videos giving advice about your topic That would interest your audience. These are more interesting to most people and can be from 2 to 4 minutes in length.

Thirdly and best of all are with short interviews with leaders in the field of what you're marketing. These are much easier than most people think. Go have some fun at your businesses events that the leaders are at and ask them if they would do a video with you to post to help you sales even more of there great stuff. Often they profit from what you sell and they are very willing to spend a little time helping you out. And if you're not sure what to do just ask them. Most often they have made many more of these marking videos than you have and will do most of the work for you. Never be afraid to ask for advice.

Editing your marketing video;

Microsoft Window comes with a great video editor. It has the entire tool you will need to edit you video. Even when posting videos you will fill in your key words, discretion, and URL same as you do when you submit an article. You should also put a web address right on the bottom of your video. This increases familiarity with your web address as well as the viewer may not know where to find the URL and this way they do not have to find it.

For loading purposes, keep the video at 3.9 mega bits per second. If you feel you must, you can go up to 7 mega bytes per second. You should keep the video file less than 80 mega bits. The smaller the video, the better.


You need to distribute your video to as many "YouTube" type of websites as you can. Make sure they allow advertisement videos.

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