The new version of FVD Suite HTTP streamline video/audio download software has just been released. The new FVD Suite 2.4.7 allows downloading practically any streamline video clip or music track from sites like YouTube, MetaCafe, Facebook, etc. Now the downloader sports updated graphics and search tab, as well as a list of interface enhancements that make the process of surfing the Web and downloading streamline media content as easy and as quick as it’s only possible. Among the interface and control updates one can point out the following: now the download history is divided into two sections and all modal windows are closed with the help of Alt+F4 or Esc buttons.

Of course, design updates are not the only ones that FVD Suite 2.4.7 features – there’s also a number of brand-new technical perks that make the freshly released version of the software better than the previous ones. It should be noted that WinPcap gets installed via Internet now, that the new FVD Suite allows automatic table scrolling in RTMP and that the program started launching and running faster than before.

The list of sites that FVD Suite can download streamline content from is growing larger and larger every single day – all major media resources are now covered and the developers of the software are working on adding minor ones. However, there are still sites that can’t be used as sources for FVD Suite 2.4.7 and the process of defining them is now made easier with the help of the function helping the software to define whether an URL is supported or not automatically. Moreover, a user of the program will no longer wonder what happened if something goes wrong with the process of download: now that there is a brand-new system of download failure messages added, everything will be explained down to the tiniest detail. One shouldn’t think that FVD Suite 2.4.7 is an unstable one though: the developers have fixed a bunch of bugs and errors, which results in better functioning of the program. Even in cases of unexpected shutdowns of FVD Suite 2.4.7, its user won’t have to re-set the list of downloads over and over again – the list of his/her downloads will be preserved in the program at all times.

The developers are also paying a lot of attention to the way FVD Suite is integrated into the most popular browsers – Firefox and Internet Explorer. The extensions for both of these browsers have been updated and now function even better in FVD Suite 2.4.7 ensuring maximum comfort for the users.

The team of FVD Suite has always been paying lots of attention to the feedback from the users of their software and now this attitude of theirs has got even more vivid with the addition of the feedback function. Now you can express the way you feel about FVD Suite 2.4.7 as well as leave your suggestions and point at the bugs and errors straight from the main program window.

And the last but not least. From now on all users of FVD Suite get the chance to participate in the development of the software themselves via the "Translators" tab added in "Help - About" section. Since localization of FVD Suite 2.4.7 is regarded as one of the most important spheres of development for the software, all users are offered to make their contribution by translating the interface into their native languages.

The developers of FVD Suite 2.4.7 hope to achieve even better results with the new version of their software that has already gained a decent level of popularity among Internet surfers. They plan to continue working on the program polishing it up to perfection. With FVD Suite 2.4.7 downloading streamline video and audio files from the most popular media libraries of the Web is already just a matter of two clicks and it will only keep on getting easier with time, the developers say.