There are many different ways to go about social bookmarking, but it's important that you understand some of the best practices so you can succeed. The majority of individuals really go about social bookmarking in the wrong way, and then they wonder why they fail to see results. When you're looking to see some real positive results, then trying changing your methods with these great tips.

One of the most important things to remember about social bookmarking is that you really need to be providing people with something they are going to find funny, interesting, informative or in any way unique and valuable. Otherwise, why would they bother taking a look, and then spreading the word to their friends and contacts?
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Trying to go around to 20 sites bookmarking your About Us page isn't going to get you anywhere. But if you recently wrote a blog post about how your business has a special new innovation, or created a video demonstrating your amazing product in motion, then you could actually see some results. So don't think or assume that people will enjoy your links just because they're there. Post links that really provide them with something for success.

Another great tip for social bookmarking is to space it out and cut down on your frequency. Often times, individuals sign up for a new social bookmarking site and then immediately bookmark 40 pages from their site. You're only going to be seen as worthless SPAM if you do this. Instead, post up 2-3 links per day. You'll see more consistent results over time, and people won't ignore you or report you.

Don't forget that you want to be interacting with the community as well. Follow other people and check out their links. Leave a comment or two. Respond to messages, say thanks to people that support you, and on down the line. This doesn't have to take more than a few minutes per day or week, but it can make all the difference in the world in terms of the bottom line results that you see. Remember, all of these social bookmarking sites are interactive communities, not just one-way promotional opportunities.

You will also want to try to take some time to search for smaller, niche oriented social bookmarking sites. These will have a smaller audience, but will have a much more targeted result, and you'll be able to reach out to these individuals much easier. Your delectable, special cookie recipe won't get any buzz on a tech site, nor will your review of the latest iPod on a sports site. So choose where you submit carefully, and look for niche communities wherever possible.

Clearly, lots of us go about social bookmarking in the wrong ways, but don't be discouraged if you've been doing some of the no-no's mentioned above. Instead, start changing things around by following these tips and you'll finally be able to break through and see some social bookmarking success. When you do, you'll increase your traffic and overall presence, and you'll find new customers and prospects. Simply just replicate EXACTLY what these fan pages were doing what is the most popular social networking website which could possibly aid your business.