Every day people search for information on a wide variety of topics. If you can provide a valuable resource in one or more of the areas being searched, then you can provide that information at a profit. Sounds easy enough.

What about beginners? Are you going to sit down today, create a product and start selling tomorrow? Likely not, if you have to start from nothing. It takes time. It takes work.

There is an easier way, 4 ways actually.

#1 Affiliate Marketing Then Click This PDF Attatchment Below - (Make the videos you want to make and share them using these tips. I can’t guarantee you’ll get 10,000 straight away, or even in your first week, but if you use any or all of these tips, you might be surprised.)

Marketing or Selling Views Youtube Video InfoTo me this is one of the most exciting ways to start earning profits. It was the reason I decided to start an online business in the first place. I read “Multiple Streams Of Income” by Robert Allen. In that book he introduces the idea of affiliate marketing. And affiliate is just like getting a finder’s fee. You find the customer, send them to the company and they pay you a fee.

It’s a lot easier than having to do all the product creation, start to finish. Plus, once you make the sale, the company also handles any customer service issues.

This leaves you with one focus: getting customers. Learning to attract prospects and convert them to customers is enough for a beginner. If you focus there, you can get your own business going by being an affiliate.

#2 Private Label Rights

This is another excellent way to leverage your time. You need the information to sell. But you want to eliminate much of the time it takes to create the product.

Private Label Rights, called PLR, allows you to buy pre-written materials. You may then use them as you see fit. You can rewrite them, or package them. Your purchase will always come with instructions on what that particular company will allow you to use the material for. And what changes are authorized.

You find some PLR that is related to the product you want to create. Maybe you want to sell an ebook about pie making, car restoring or child care. The sky’s the limit on subjects. You can always find PLR on the topic of your choice. But it pre-written. Just edit and you are all set.

#3 Resale Rights

Let’s say that you don’t even want to edit. But you do want to have your own product to sell without having to do all the creation. You can use Resale Rights products. These are products you can buy with the “rights” to “resell” them for a profit. Just like PLR, the RR products will have instructions on how you can use them. Once you make the purchase, you can go ahead and sell. It’s your product and you keep all the money. Not just a commission as with affiliate products.

#4 Ghostwriting

I saved this for last as it will take the most expertise. You can hire a writer to create a product for you. This will take more guidance from you. Finding a good writer that you can afford is the first step. Then, you will need to be very specific about what you want them to write for you. This requires more participation on your part than the first 3 ways. I’d suggest getting some experience in the information business before you hire a ghostwriter.


The idea is that you are better off learning to market an information product before you try to create one yourself. As a beginner you will get more results this way. You won’t have to use your valuable time in creating a product. All your time can be spent on getting skilled at attracting prospects and converting them to sales. As a beginner that’s usually enough to accomplish in the time you have available to work your business.