Optimizing a website is more than typing keywords in the right places. SEO and internet marketing strategies need to keep changing along with the newest trend on the internet.

Social networking sites are now dominating the time spent on the internet of many users. Almost everyone seems to have their own Digg, Twitter, or Facebook account and also account on another social networking sites. These sites have surpassed even the best search engine in traffic and amount of users. These sites have million user accounts and even higher traffic every day. This is the reason why social networking is very important in your planning despite your personal feeling about it.

First advantage to use a social networking site is creating backlinks to your website and web pages. This is a free and legal method to do so. Links that are pointing to your website is very important to get higher SEO ranking, but is the hardest part to do because we have to find place where we can place our links with permission.

By placing your links there, you also automatically share them with your friends and get instant traffic. When you have expanded your network, you will find more fans or friends who are interested in your business. Your friends on these sites are valuable assets and source of information.

Being on social networking sites mean more than sharing info or link. You also need to build interaction with your followers. Ask for their opinion, input, or comment there so you do not have to flood your website with comments. Most people also prefer to participate in familiar sites such as the social networking site, rather than commenting on other websites.

Some popular social networking sites that are very important for marketing and networking are Digg, Twitter, and Facebook, among other sites. This trend is not constant. There might be changes in the future about the key players of social networking, but for now you need to focus your effort on these sites.

First, create an account on each of the sites. You can choose to create a personal or business account. In Facebook, you need to create your personal account before creating business pages. You can create as many business pages as possible, but that is not recommended. It is better to create one page for each business and focus your energy on it.

When you create a personal account, you may want to skip some personal information for security reason. However, if you want your business pages to be taken seriously, you need to fill all the relevant info that is requested, as truthful as possible. Leaving some info blank will make people sceptical if your business is really legitimate or just a spam bot account.

At first, you can network with people who you know in real life, such as friends, family, coworkers, customers, acquaintances, or business partner. You need to keep updating your account regularly with news or links that are relevant to your business. You can also post offer or sale on these sites. For SEO purpose, do not forget to place links for your newest website page there. You also need to expand your circle of friends by finding new friends and followers. You can do this by actively participating in discussions, following other people, sharing information, and answering questions regarding your business.

These are not the only things you must do to ensure your SEO and internet marketing plan. However, this is a start and if you continue to put more effort into it, you will get wider network with visible result.

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