The new Apple's iPad portable e-reader is well built for the purpose of reading newspapers and magazine. The intuitive and book-like user interface,coupled with the easy to use navigation aids, graphics and full vivid color display does make reading newspapers and magazines on the ipad particularly more enjoyable than on the kindle.

Downloading newspapers to read on your ipad is very simple and can be summarized in three simple steps:

First Step
Buy an ipad. Head over to, amazon or your trusted local retailer and purchase one. Its going to cost you between $499-$829 for an ipad of your choice at

Second step
select the apps icon on iPad home screen to have a quick checkout of the apps that are installed on your iPad. You can go to an App store and add apps from top selling newspapers like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Purchase the iBooks app if you want to read e-books on your ipad too. Apple usually will charge $9.99 for iBooks. IBooks is compatible with the Mac. Apps are also available to access news content from BBC News, USA today, Wall Street Journal, Financial times among others (most newspapers charge a subscription fee). you can search the apps store for your desired news apps.

Third step
Once you have your newspaper app loaded on the iPad, you can adjust the screen and light. You also have the option of selecting the number of columns and fonts that you would like to read with. The New York Times app for example has a friendly drop-down contextual menu that will support multi-touch functionality. Relax and enjoy reading

If you want to download ibooks/unlimited media/news publications on your ipad for next to nothing join a membership site. myPadMedia an example of such site. They allow members to access thousands of eBooks, comic books, and newspapers to straight to their iPad. As for news papers myPadmedia provides access to a huge database of thousands of live newspaper sites from around the world which members can read on their iPad.

The site offers thousands of types of ipad eBooks, such as ipad novels in a range of genres such as bestsellers, classics, mystery, thriller, crime, romance(Note that these are not just any other books but bestsellers and books that can be purchased either at your local bookstore or on the iTunes iBookstore)

You can also download hundreds of ipad comics such as superhero action, manga, anime, and comedy comic books straight to your iPad and lastly of course is access to a huge database of thousands of live newspaper sites from around the world straight to your iPad.

Other benefits of my pad media are there is no P2P file sharing so you don't have to worry about copyright infringement or illegal file-sharing, you get around the clock(24 hour) support with excellent customer service, It is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch and other eBook devices like Amazon's Kindle and the Barnes & Noble nook and most importantly that you get all this media for a one lifetime subscription fee of $49.99.Considering that you can pay up to $15 to download one ebook or $17 for a monthly newspaper subscription (wall street journal) I consider this a huge steal.