They are really everywhere you go, in the train, in cafes, in the superstore; people that are using spare time to send a text with their the phone Messenger Programs Compared . We use it more and more, instant messaging (IM). Because instant messaging is convenient. With a short message you can let buddies know that you are currently running late, wish your brother a happy birthday, cheer up your best friend when he has a bad day, or you share how you are doing with your network.

Instant messaging over your mobile phone

This real-time and direct form of communication via text messages began through an computers and the Online enterprise, but has now also found its space on the mobile phone between sending an e-mail and making a mobile phone call. Also, the choices as to the kind of message is very extensive. Before the only option you had was text, now you can include photos, videos and spoken text in your goal.

Meanwhile, there is an collection of programs that you can take you can use to connect with your friends. A small selection from the long list:

- Ping ®

- MSN ® / Windows Live ®

- Google Talk ®

- Yahoo! ®

- Beejive ®

- IM

- AIM ®

- MobileMe ®

- Nimbuzz

- MySpace

- ICQ ®

- Facebook Chat

What are the distinctions between the IM applications? With so many products to pick from, it is always fascinating to know what the distinctions are between them. And because there are numerous different programs, we look at 5 of the most popular programs you can use with your cellular telephone:

PingChat (with BlackBerry)

The best known instant messaging program on the cellular telephone is without a doubt PingChat (blackberry pingen), the message service known from Rim. Each BlackBerry has its own Pin number , thus you don't have to sign in PingChat . The code can also be linked to your name or a nick name, that your PingChat friends will see. With PingChat, you can stay logged in indefinitely. Previously you could only use PingChat from your BlackBerry to another BlackBerry phone, via the Rim net, but in the meantime it is possible to send a message using PingChat with any smart phone. You have to download and install the PingChat application. Messages are routed over the Rim network. And this happens very fast. Useful in sending a PingChat voice message is that you, as the email sender, can see if your message is opened by the receiver.

How can I get free ping?

Free PingChat is possible with a BlackBerry subscription. During the registration, your computer data usage in the Netherlands is included and therefore you do not pay anything extra to use this service. You only use data. Don't forget that if you want to use PingChat elsewhere, it is not free of cost.


BeejiveIM immediately after hatching was a amazing success. The application supports various sorts of programs such as MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, MySpace and Facebook. And can be used on all mobile phones. It is very clear and has lots of options. An Example is the possibility to move chitchats to a new separate tab, and then the push notification that lets you promptly switch between applications. Disadvantages are that you probably have too many functions that you're most likely not using. You also cannot stay logged on for longer than a day. Every now and then instant messages and push phone messages are not send. There is also a price for this application, at the moment this is exactly € 8, -.


eBuddy is not a very extensive app for the iPhone. With this particular app you'll be able to use less protocols. But it really delivers the results. Exactly what it is intended for, chatting, not more and not less. A big appeal is that it's free, but you must also create an eBuddy ID, and that costs you a little time. eBuddy’s disadvantage is that you only can stay logged for a half-hour, and that is really not long.


With this application that supports more standards than BeejiveIM, one can chat till you drop. Again you now have the push notification feature, which is very effective. Aside from that, the application is filled with functional gadgets like an auto reply that automatically replies to the person who sends you a phone message. With IM, you can stay logged on for three days in a row. You can do a lot with IM, but not all features are equally practical and functional. In using Twitter and Skype you should not expect to see too much from IM but nevertheless , it is a good addition. IM costs € 3.99.


Also this application is free and has many useful features. It also supports a whole litany of protocols, even complete unknown ones. Unlike others in this list you can also chat via Hyves with Nimbuzz for example. The application is clear and organized, in part because the contacts are synchronized. Site: Blackberry, Blackberry abonnement, Blackberry pingen But nevertheless , there are also down sides. As the maximum time that you can stay logged on, that's thirty minutes. Also, the push announcements don't work without problems. Regarding stability, this application is not advised. And sometimes the application opens two windows for a similar contact, which can be very awkward.

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