Advertising your affiliate marketing products can be a frustrating, endless stream of money lost. Many affiliates get so discouraged because of the money they are losing in advertising costs that they eventually give up. Affiliate Marketing Secrets For Free Advertising   This doesn't have to happen.

There are several ways for affiliates to advertise their affiliate links, websites, and products absolutely free. These methods are actually, in most cases, more effective than the advertising strategies that are costing you hundreds, even thousands, or dollars each month. They do require some investment in time, but over the long stretch your time investment will go down, but the rewards continue to climb.

1. Be Active in Forums

One of the great things about the internet today for affiliate marketers is the opportunity to interact with others in websites like forums. Join several that are within your niche and begin asking and answering questions. You get traffic to your site by people clicking on the link to your affiliate site in your forum signature.

2. Trade Links With Other Website Owners

Take some time to search out other website owners that have sites on the same topic as your product. Write them an email requesting to exchange links with them. They put a link to your website on their front page, or other relevant page, while you do the same for them. It's win/win situation and is most of the time accepted.

3. Comment on Blogs

This is basically the same as participating in forums, only now you are leaving comments about blog posts. Commenting about the post or add other relevant information will lead others to your website.

4. Write Articles and Submit to Directories

The biggest form of free advertising of them all. Writing short 250 to 400 word articles and submitting them to article directories has been, and will continue to be, a very effective form of free advertising. You can link to your site in your author's resource box and even within the article with relevant keywords.

Don't waste any more money trying to advertise your website with methods that you have to pay big money for. Use these free advertising strategies for affiliate marketing to keep costs down to zero.

6 Reasons To Blog For More Affiliate Commissions

Blogging has become the choice of website for many people including online business owners. There are millions of blogs on the internet today with an estimated 46,000 being started each day. These blogs range anywhere from personal diaries, corporate press release outlets, and places to showcase art and photography. That list also includes affiliates. Why? Why should you, as an affiliate marketers, have a blog?

1. Credibility

The way people buy things on the internet is changing. People want to see that they get their money's worth. A blog will help bridge the gap between anonymous and personal. That sets a person at ease and gives them a more comfortable feeling.

2. Content

The affiliate marketer's lifeblood is in content. A blog gives you the freedom to produce that content free from an rules or restrictions. Podcasts, videos, and articles can all be showcased for readers to look through.

3. Search Engine Power

Search engines love blogs. They are always updated and keep a fresh supply of content for the search engine spiders to feed on. Some of the top results in search engines are blogs.

4. Consolidation

A blog will help you consolidate all your social marketing efforts into one single place. This way you can have one profile page to send visitors to.

5. Interaction

Blogs have an awesome feature built into them called comments. The comment section allows your visitors to leave comments about your blog post and even interact with each other. This is a great way for reviews of a product or to answer questions.

6. Ease of Use

HTML requires a learning curve. Blogging doesn't. You can even get started blogging for free with an account at Sure, you can get pretty sophisticated with the design, and if you want to learn php or css programming it will add to your blogging, but for the most part you can blog stress free.

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