One thing about Internet marketing forums and straight jackets is that they keep people imprisoned extremely well.

They also tend to contain crazy people, lonely people, people with low self-esteem who crave for attention and someone to give them approval, agressive people, failures, procrastinators, liars, cheats, thieves and other anti-social people.

Most people are well aware that straight jackets are associated with "crazy" people. But it usually takes people much longer to realize Internet marketing forums are filled with crazies too.

Seriously. If you let a therapist loose in an Internet marketing forum, they would be able to identify all types of passive/aggressive behavior, pent up anger, low-self esteem and other characteristics associated with failure.

The Internet tends to do this.

You'll find people being more aggressive than they are in person. You'll find people even more willing to give opinions as fact.

You'll find people who are dying to finally be right about something... and so they'll give terrible advice and claim it's fact.

(There's no use proving them wrong. They'll just claim everyone is "entitled to an opinion." A silly way of admitting their advice is nonsense.)

The Internet is an amazing resource. And it's also full of crazies who use it as a megaphone because no one off the network wants to listen to their garbage.

Don't trust people on an Internet marketing forum. If you want to know the answer to a question, try statistical analysis or run a test yourself.

You could ask the crazies to invent an answer for you instead. But that'd be crazy. And that's not a pun.

Do you think this is just an opinion? It isn't. I tested my theory.

I chose five prominent Internet marketing forums and I asked five questions on each one. I already knew the factual answer to all five questions because I had already run the tests and found out.

All of the questions had binary results. In other words, some of the questions asked the forum members to choose which headline they thought would result in more sales. Only two headlines were presented as choices.

Some other questions had a yes or no answer. In all cases, there were only two possible answers. Of course, forums are messy and each thread went off in all kinds of directions and many other answers were given beyond the two choices, but each question was concisely phrased and it was clear that the poster (me) wanted responses to be constrained to the two possible answers given in the post.

I then tallied up all of the answers that could possibly be counted as an intelligible answer that chose one of the two options provided in that post.

In this scenario, you would expect that at least 50% of the answers would be correct. That is just statistical randomness. If you ask someone to guess heads or tails with a flip of a coin, the odds are roughly 50% that they will be correct even though they have no knowledge, experience or any other resources that could possibly help them deduce the correct answer.

The same is true for the test that I devised. So getting 50% correct is the baseline. Anything above 50% would indicate that asking questions on Internet marketing forums results in answers that are somewhat helpful especially if you tally the answers from several responses.

A score of 100% correct would indicate that Internet marketing forums are extremely helpful for obtaining answers to questions you have about marketing on the Internet.

How did they do?

The answers given were correct only 19.272% of the time across all five Internet marketing forums tested. The absolute worse was the Warrior Forum. The responses received on that forum were correct only 6.881% of the time.

That is actually astonishing. You would expect at least 50% to be correct just by guessing between the two possible answers. The scores were way worse than would be expected by just guessing.

Are they purposefully giving false information? Of course, it is impossible to determine intent with a test like this one. But the results to show that you will NOT receive better information from the Internet marketing forums than you would by simply guessing yourself.

The results are actually so poor that theoretically speaking, one actually could use the Internet marketing forums to get valid information. That is especially true of the Warrior Forum.

Here is how:

1. Ask a question with a binary answer on the Warrior Forum.

2. Tally the results for each answer.

3. The answer with the fewest responses is much more likely to be correct than the answer most favored by Warrior forum members.

Their miserable rate of being correct only 6.881% of the time can actually be turned around to a 93.229% rate of being correct if you simply choose to do the opposite of what the Warrior Forum members recommend!

Try it and see if you can use crazy people in Internet marketing forums to actually help you with your business by doing the exact opposite of what they recommend.

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famously known Warrior Forum this is where people whon want upto date marketing know hows