The importance of building links in search engine optimization is crucial, you could have enormous quantity
of quality and unique content but that is the other major factor of reaching the top of the search engines rankings.

That might sound sad, but there is no other method of telling the search engines that your website is useful because they're counting each link back to your website as plus in the ranking scheme. The robots are "thinking" that people simply link to your website because they find it useful.

SERP's (search engine ranking position) are established by a bunch of criteria, some with major importance like link popularity and unique content and some other with minor importance like website loading time, website size, meta and title tags, etc.

Having a backlink checker while you're hardly working on building links (either by doing blog commenting, social networking, bookmarking or buying link backs from high pagerank sites) is a great plus to keep the counter under control.

On the other side, you must be very careful when you are doing the promotion, as if the links are too many in a too short period can badly hurt. The links shouldn't be just random, you must pick the remote sites to be in the same theme with you.

The backlink checkers applications are separated into two categories : the ones which crawls for all your links and let you know the list and the ones which asks you to define your website and the remote one which contains your backlink. The last ones are for checking while the first will not notice you once one or more of all will get removed.

The link building process should look and sound "natural" as much as possible. If the robots "smells" that you're buying links you'll have to say bye bye to the organic traffic.

One other crucial factor is that your links should stay live as much as possible because backlink removal is one of the worst things which could happen in the search optimization process, because the robots will feel that you've bought that link back.

Organic traffic ? That's the term of defining the traffic coming free from search engines which doesn't involve PPC (pay per click), PPM, PTC (pad to click) or any other kind of methods that cost money to bring people to your online website.

As a practice example, linking to your programming related website from a partner with travel theme is not valuable, and can even hurt your positions in the search engines. The good "scheme" would be to link from a website which is either software related, like a computer applications directory and this way would bring benefits. Of course, this is just an example of "good manner" of getting related backlinks.

And the related thing is not really just for search engines. You need targeted visitors too because people interested in health books will not buy or be interested in your computer programming services just because they have reached your site due to your "aggressive" linking.