3 Steps to Free Viral Traffic for Your Website If you have a website where you are selling a product or service, you know how important website traffic is to your site. However, most users are very annoyed with pop ups or float over banners and will quickly, leave your site. A different approach that is highly effective is the use of viral traffic and there are many ways you can do this free of charge.

1. Make use of your current customer base. First, you have to find a way to make it easy for your current customers to advertise for you, so to speak. If you sell a product or a service, include a form during checkout for the customer to refer friends. The form should include the customer's name and email address and give them five or ten slots to add friends name and email addresses. What this does is instantly send an email to the people listed in the form with a link to your site.

2. Offer a newsletter free to your current customers with content that is humorous or controversial so that they send it to their friends, and their friends send it to their friends. As a result, you gain traffic to your site. The trick is, make sure the entire content is not in the newsletter, make a link so they have to come to your site to read the rest.

3. Create an email signature that is included in all your outgoing email with a link to your website. Join various forums or message boards where you can have a signature with your website link. Participate in the forums that are related to your business. Post messages that are helpful to the users, the more users see it, the more they click on your link and you gain free traffic to your site. Viral marketing is a powerful tool and you can use free avenues as a way in which to build up your website traffic.

3 Common Viral Marketing FAQ's toward getting more traffic. Many people are confused or overwhelmed by the expense associated with marketing. Maybe you have heard of viral marketing but have some questions; many people new to marketing probably have the similar questions such as:

1. What exactly is viral marketing? A perfect example of viral marketing is Hotmail. They became a very large online email provider by including a tag at the end of each user's email. The tag line was catchy and provided the Hotmail's sign up page link. This meant Hotmail did not have to advertise, they let their users advertise for them.

2. How to use YouTube in viral marketing? Many people are relying on YouTube in order to attract people to their site. First off, you want to create a video or something that is related to your website. For instance, if you sell pet products such as clothing, leashes, and collars, you could set up a funny video with pets in costumes, or show the proper way to leash train a puppy. In the "more information" section on YouTube, include a little about the site and of course a link to your website. The trick is to make the video, either very engaging or hilarious, because this makes people forward it to other pet owners.

3. What about Facebook, how could I use this for viral marketing? Social networking is huge and Facebook is a front runner, and as such it is a way to bring thousands of people to your site, free of charge. You will need to set up a Fan Page on Facebook, this allows you to advertise and add content to the page, it allows others to become a fan of your page. Their friends see they area fan and check out your site, you in turn just gained free traffic. Viral marketing is a great tool to use for new business and established business because it works, it is not annoying to people, and you gain free traffic to your site.

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