Your very own mailing list is the most critical asset you will have as an online business owner. The amount of traffic you direct towards your ‘opt-in’ along with the number of subscribers on your list will have a direct impact on how successful you are in making a significant income online. In many ways, your list represents the size of your market reach. As such, list building should be one of your top priorities when developing and implementing your marketing strategies. Here are 5 ways for you to approach list building effectively.

1. Put list building ‘in front’ of your business – make it a top priority. From now on, focus everything you do around building your list. Whether its article marketing, PPC marketing, social media marketing, or any other marketing strategy you are using, make sure promoting your list is embedded in your strategy. If your efforts are not concentrated on building a list, change your strategy.

2. Direct traffic to your opt-in. This may sound trivial, but I have seen many online marketers focus on driving traffic to an affiliate website, perhaps a blog where the opt-in form is not prominent or a page where they are selling a product. If you have an opt-in page – send your traffic to it. If you are sending traffic to a page without an opt-in, reconsider your strategy today and put a form on that page. If you have a blog, let visitors know about the opt-in on the blog. You will not get any subscribers if you have no visitors to your opt-in page.

3. Offer something enticing in exchange for the lead. “Join my list” is not very inviting. Give out an interesting eBook you’ve written, a course, valuable information in a video – you get the idea. Grab their attention and let them know what they will get out of the item you’re offering in exchange for their name and email address. Give them a “wow, I have to join this list and grab this” moment.

4. Provide value and build a relationship. Bombarding your list members with buy this, buy that or check this out, check that out will only shrink your list quicker than you can finish reading this article. Think of your list as your close knit group of friends. Communicate with your friends and provide them information that they can use – information that can help them build their business. Only then will they see the value in being a subscriber. Only then will they trust you. And trust is the glue that keeps you and your list together.

5. Call to action. Ok, so you’ve got some subscribers and you’ve been sending messages, building a relationship. At the same time, you want your members to take some sort of action. After all, your ultimate goal is to monetize your list. As members read your emails, you want them to do something that’s going to help accomplish your goals – most likely by following a link. Provide useful and valuable information - yet guide them to where they can find any additional information or 'learn more'.

Having your own list is critical to your success. Follow the tips above an you will be well on your way to building a profitable list with loyal subscribers. It's a beautiful sunday morning and I won't want you to spend all you time reading emails and doing nerds stuff (which I'm doing this morning) so I'll keep this short and to the point...
6. "Money is in the list." - "Build the's the most important asset of your business" Now I'm sure you've heard both these lines a gazillion times from pretty much everyone working in our industry  what they don't really tell you is how you can build that list...right? So I shot this quick video on how you can build your list from your blogs and get 10 times more optins and subscribers that you get normally...PLUS get my Optin Pop-up plugin for free at the end of the video.

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