Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with your target audience, as well as an effective way to potentially appear near the top of the search engines for the terms and phrases that your prospects are searching for.

Given these two facts alone, don't you think it might be something that you should be using?

The first objection that most business owners have with regard to using video marketing as part of their marketing strategy is that they think it is too expensive. There is still this common misconception that it is something that can only be afforded by, used by or only applies to the 'big boys' in business.

Well, this is now not the case and in this article I am going to explain to you just how easy it is to create and produce a quality video for your business, and at a fraction of the price that you may think it would cost.

Some Basics For Creating A Great Video

First of all, I do think that it is advisable to choose a location where the lighting is good. If you're planning on filming your video indoors then use a room that has either plenty of natural light coming in, or light coloured walls, or even better, both.

Sound is also something that you will need to consider when creating your video. Ideally you do not want any background noise if you can help it. So things such as loud traffic noise, particularly noisy machinery or over enthusiastic staff could drown out the audio on your video, and so this has to be assessed when choosing an appropriate location.

And that's really it in all honesty. As you can see most (if not all) of it is plain common sense in reality. Choosing an appropriate and well lit area that has little or no background noise is the absolute minimum that you want to aim for.

You could also think about what it is in the background, to ensure that the viewer is getting a representative and professional image of what your company is about.

So as you can see, video marketing is not as difficult or troublesome as you may have initially thought, and the benefits of it can be enormous.

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The great thing is that with just a little planning, as you've seen above, you can set the perfect scene for your video. Also, with the advent of High Definition (HD) camcorder technology, you can still produce excellent videos on a lot less than a Hollywood film budget, even with a tiny hand held device.

You certainly don't need a film or television crew to create a great video for your business, you really don't. You only need to look at the videos that you can see on You Tube the next time you're on the internet to see what I mean, as the quality of most home-made films is now more than acceptable
for the purposes of marketing your business.

I can assure you that many of the videos that you will see posted on You Tube have been created with simple, hand held devices, and the majority of them will not even have been made with the use of a tripod or any professional lighting.

Why Video Marketing Works

I suppose the closest alternative to video marketing would have to be television advertising. The reality is however, that for the vast majority of small and medium sized business owners, the prospect of advertising on television is still pretty much financially out of reach.

Television advertising even today is still relatively expensive when compared to all other means of advertising, and there is no realistic way that many small business owners can possibly justify the cost of running a television advertisement.

Even a simple 30 second television advertisement could blow a company's entire years marketing budget in one fell swoop. This factor alone perhaps demonstrates the lack of feasibility in a small business using television advertising, which is why video marketing is something that can serve as a very effective alternative.

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