So, the first thing you need to do is to promote your website in the right way. If you need some initial visitors, then by all means get some advertising, but while you are doing that you need to get your website ranking. This means ensuring that your on page SEO is sound for starters. If you want to rank for a particular search term, then you need to incorporate that search term (or keyword) in your website (but not so much that your text is repetitive and unnatural). It is helpful to put your keywords in the title of the page, in your domain name if possible, and once or twice in the text of your website. Anything more is overdoing it and will work against you. Another way of promoting your website is submitting articles with a link to your website in article directories such as Ezine Articles or Go Articles (there are literally hundreds more too).

Even if it takes awhile for your site to rank highly, a well written article published in Ezine Articles can rank highly in the search engines, and visitors to your article will also be able to find your website. As long as you have created a website with useful, valuable information, and you can give the website visitor what he or she is looking for, then a visitor is likely to hang around your site for awhile. Plenty of valuable information, in both article and video format if possible, is the key to having a website that visitors will explore.

Standing out from the competition needs a two pronged approach: first, create a fantastic website that leaves your competitors' websites for dead; then, get your website promoted so that visitors can actually find it before they find your competitors' sites.

From Ken Reno & Novel Cognition!

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