Have you ever had a product to sell? Do you currently offer a service? Do you have a website or at the very least, some real-estate on the World Wide Web/Internet? This Internet real-estate can range from one of the many FREE website offerings: Yes, I said FREE; to a full blown eCommerce site complete with thousands of products. Remember, you’re on the World Wide Web. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in case you didn’t know, this Web of seemingly never-ending potential customers/clients is available World Wide. Yep, you heard me correctly; this Web of seemingly never-ending potential customers/clients is available World Wide! – You may not know them by name but you know they are out there. Ask yourself; Do THEY know YOU are out there? Do THEY know what services & products YOU offer? Do THEY even know they need the services &/or products YOU have to offer?

My name is Lamont Everett Dennis and I’ve been making internet video for nearly 15 years and I’m here to let you know Why Video Is So Important to the Internet Business Owner

Of course, you may already have your reasons for why you do or do not use video to promote your products &/or services. These very few and brief reasons I’m going to share with you are NOT the only reasons to use video but they are the most common ones we come across at our video production company in Orange County, California.

1. Personality – Customers want to feel like they belong. Your site needs to feel inviting and warm. Plain words spread across a computer screen are rather impersonal. Besides, will your words be read with the same tone as you intended?

2. Voice – A picture is worth a thousand words. Your website can say your product is indestructible but those are just words. What if you show customers via video that your product is indestructible by having a car run over it? Doesn’t that sound more impactful? You didn’t even have to say it or “sell it”. The customer sold himself.

3. Exciting – Marketing is a combination of art and science. Web video can be a powerful way to keep things fresh and up to date. Let’s face it; no one wants to buy an “old” product. We all want the new, fancy, shiny product. If for no other reason than to just say we have or use it. Make your web presence be that, “I’ve got to have it web space.”

4. Consistency – You don’t have to worry about getting off track during your sales pitch or wondering if you left something out or forgot to tell them about that “one special feature”. You now have the perfect sales pitch every time.

5. Return On Investment– You make a video once and it gets watched by hundreds, thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of potential customers; at their leisure. They can rewind it or watch it in the middle of the night if they so choose. Simply put, your ROI would be HUGE. I’m literally talking pennies spent and dollars earned! Now who has the competitive advantage as knowledge of your business, products, & services begin to spread like wildfire?

NOTE: if you are applying other techniques of driving more web traffic to your web site, continue them (if they are working). Just remember by adding visually creative video you are gaining instant credibility as to your product or service being that Pièce de Résistance you want others to perceive it as being. Now, another question: How do you choose the right internet video production company?

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Enjoy… Speak soon,