Everyone wants in on viral traffic these days. New online entrepreneurs set up businesses and start hearing about videos on YouTube that have "gone viral" or how easy it is to create eBooks and other products that spread around the world overnight. They are intrigued into learning more and soon find themselves in one of two places:

(1) Spending hours of their time trying to come up with great viral products that will spread around like wild fire.

(2) Spending very little time working on their viral marketing campaign yet receiving tons of completely free targeted website traffic.

Which sounds more appealing? Probably the second option, right? This is definitely the option that most new entrepreneurs want to fall into, but far too many get hung up trying to create that perfect video or e-book because they simply do not realize there is now an easier way to get involved with viral marketing.

The Elusive Free Viral Traffic
When you hear an online business entrepreneur express a desire to get viral traffic, what they really meant to say is they want tons of traffic to come to their website for free. They don't have a huge advertising budget, but they really want massive exposure for their business. They just don't want to pay for it.

While that may have been something to laugh at just a few years ago, it is something that most highly skilled and experienced online marketers now know is entirely possible to achieve. With the right viral traffic campaign, your website can in fact be flooded with targeted traffic which will lead to a nice conversion rate.

Targeted Viral Traffic - The Easy Way
While most experienced online marketers have viral marketing on their radar and are trying their best to make it work for them, there is a select group that has already caught on to the easy way of drawing in traffic through viral marketing. This is the group of marketers now using a tool called the Viral Traffic Bar.

This is a viral marketing tool that allows online advertisers to make simple changes to their links and enjoy completely free targeted website traffic as a result. Instead of using their usual links when they submit articles to directories or do other forms of advertising, they us a Viral Traffic Bar converted version of the link.

That is all marketers have to do. They sign up for the program (which is free right now) and then use their converted links just as they would use any other URL in their advertising plans. As a result of being within the Viral Traffic Bar network, the links will be clicked by a high rate of people who happen to be within their target market.

The Viral Traffic Bar is the simplest form of viral marketing and is guaranteed to catch on as the next big thing. Those who have already discovered it and are taking advantage of it right now will benefit the most.

Remember, there are two ways to get into viral marketing. You can slave away trying to do it the hard way, or you can take advantage of the Viral Traffic Bar and bring in the free targeted traffic the easy, more effective way.