It’s been said that article marketing is a powerful driving force to get traffic to come to your website. Articles are a prime factor in getting the search engines to spider your site for ranking purposes. The higher the rankings that the search engines give you the bigger the slice of traffic you will get when a user queries one of your keywords. We will discuss more about keywords and keywords phrases later in this article.

As we all know, the more traffic coming to our site, the greater the potential for making a sales which generates a profit. Another benefit here is the opportunity to capture the user’s personal information for building a list and promoting some of your future offerings. The value of this scenario is immeasurable not only for the short term, but long term results as well.

Writing articles with good keyword rich relevant content is the key element of making a website popular and generating substantial traffic to your website that you many convert into sales. By keeping the users informed with new and exciting information you can build a following of avid readers that are soon willing to do business with you, simply because you’ve provided the information they needed to make an informed decision.

I’m not talking about just stuffing your site with unrelated information or political issues. Leave that to your competition, but concentrate on each article covering some form of your business opportunity or information about how the user and potential client will benefit from doing business with you. Just a note here that you may disagree with, but here goes. If you want to make money online, keep your religious beliefs and political opinions to yourself unless someone asks for your opinion then be brief, strait forward and courteous then drop the subject and get on with business.

A well written article will definitely catch the eyes and interest of potential clients and keep them coming back for more information. Make it a point to provide your readers with RSS feed links, your contact information and phone number. People want to know you are real. I’ve had people call me and say “you really are a real person”. I don’t use alias names in my website or any of my writings. I want people to be able to get hold of me if they need help.

Once you start following these simple guidelines you will start getting phone calls for information about you and your business opportunities. You can’t get a hotter lead than that.

We mentioned earlier in this writing about keywords and keyword phrases. Your writings must be focused around your keywords and keyword phrases for the search engines to index them properly. If you have a title of glass jars and lids and you article is about pets and pet supplies you will not be indexed correctly with the search engines and will not be seen by potential clients that may be interested in a new puppy. Use relevant keywords for the article your writing at any particular moment and try to use one or two or your keywords in the title if at all possible.

Many readers scan read or browse. You must plant keywords in your writings but be cautious about overdoing it. The search engines don’t like keyword stuffing and will penalize you for more than 5-7% of keywords in relation to your entire content word count. Those keywords must be distributed throughout your writing for maximum effectiveness.

The important thing here is to have your writings with keywords that are related to and relevant to your website. One good example would be if you have a website that is about replacement parts for vintage cars the by all means write about the value of shopping with you for the widest selection and best prices for vintage car parts. I think you see my point.

We mentioned about the keyword density earlier. Keyword density is the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase is used in your writing. Having too many keywords or phrases in your writing will make you appear overeager to the reader, however, having too low a number you may be totally ignored by the search engines. Use some good common sense here and you should be OK with both the readers and the search engines.

Your writing should be informative as well be as a little bit of entertainment. You must get and maintain the attention of the reader with information that will provide a solution to their needs. Spelling and grammar are extremely important so check and double check and make sure your writing is well written. People will respect you and you will build a trust with your readers with well written information. Include some facts, statistics and figures in your writing will back up what you are writing about. Don’t get too technical; just keep it simple, short and to the point.

Linking is an important part of this whole process, so make sure you include some links pointing to your opportunity in the byline area or resource box at the end of your writings. I don’t put any links in the content area I reserve the content area strictly for information about my subject for the day. If people like your information and you build a relationship of trust with your readers, they will likely go ahead and click on the link to your site.

In conclusion, learn the process of marketing, writing and promoting in the right way and you will start see some positive results quickly. If you don’t know how to do these basis chores then seek the help of a professional.

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