Make Money With Your Own Online Video We have all read something or heard something about pay-per-click or affiliate programs but have dismissed it as it sounds too god to be true right? You are not alone in thinking that you cannot make money through pay-per-click or affiliate programs. However, I am here to tell you differently. Both these methods are quite simple.

All you have to do is get your music video website up and running then you can concentrate on how to use it to make money. Both pay-per-click and affiliate programs work in the same way. Before you begin you will need to get affiliate account at This is free. This will allow you to place 7searc ads about music on your website. On your 7search page you will be able to manage your account and see how many clicks you had for a particular day. This will tell you how much you make money. There are different prices for different keywords used. You can decide which keywords pay more and which ones you prefer to use. Once you know which keyword you want to use you will have to make a phrase to let people know what they are clicking on. With 7search there is no limit to the amount of links you can put on your website, this increase your chance to make money substantially.

So you know how to make money using your music website, now all you have to do is get people there so they can use your links. You can do this by adding an affiliate program to your website but if you don’t want to pay you can exchange links with other websites. You scratch their back and they scratch yours. There are websites that help you to facilitate this just in case you know no one with a website for you to exchange links and they are usually free. You can research these on the internet. You can also write articles that relate to your website content and submit them to article websites which help to generate traffic.

Pay-per-click is actually a real and lucrative way to make money online. This is a simple method that allows you to make money even when you are not on your computer. So you don’t have to worry about spending loads of time in front of a computer screen. To do this you will need to purchase a domain name and find a hosting company for your website. These can be found at relatively inexpensive prices.

The other method to make money online is by using affiliate programs. You can join these programs which almost every website has and all you do is place a link on your music video websites and if they get traffic from your website you are paid for such.

Customers will enjoy watching a music video while trying to find other music related things which can be found on other websites.