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Siphoning Traffic From Facebook
Jack Wylde
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By Jack Wylde
Published on 07/28/2016
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The Right Way to Advertise in Facebook
The Right Way to Advertise in FacebookFacebook is definitely one of the most popular social media networks in the world nowadays. Many people would visit Facebook every day, even though they are in the office. Therefore, if you could make use of the power of Facebook to promote your business, you could surely enjoy a lot of benefits and you could surely bring your business to a bright future.

But when people try to use Facebook to promote their business, they would have some fears. In fact, many of these fears are not important and you should not let these fears to block your way to earn money.

The first common fear is that you think you cannot make enough friends to promote your business in Facebook. However, you should understand that Facebook would connect you to the friends or your friend rather than just your friend. Therefore, you would be able to communicate with many people at one time by simply posting something on Facebook.

Secondly, you might be worried that you need to be social all the time. However, you do not need to say hello to every friend in Facebook whenever you are online. In Facebook, you just need to type a few sentences to deliver the message and everyone would know. This is the practice in Facebook and if you think that typing one or two sentences is “social”, I have nothing to say.

Besides, you might think that it would take too much time for you to use Facebook. In fact, doing business by Facebook would not cost you a lot of time but if you play games in Facebook it surely costs your time. You can simultaneously use Youtube, your blogs, as well as anything you like when you are using Facebook and you actually do not need to stay 24 hours in front of the screen to update your Facebook.

The fourth fear is that you would not want to deliver sales message only. Well, this is not a fear indeed because you can choose not to become a sales channel! You can try to include some interesting links to Youtube or other media website whenever you find something interesting. No one tells you that you must remain as a business website when you use Facebook. You can just treat it as a common social network that you join, rather than a promotional tool.

The last fear is also a bit silly. Some people would say that they don’t know how to get started with Facebook. Well, as you know that Facebook is so popular in the world, you could simply check on the Internet and you would find a lot of forums or website teaching you how to control the features of Facebook.

Therefore, Facebook could be entertaining and it could also be used to promote business. If you could integrate promotional information and entertaining news into the Facebook posts, you would surely win a lot of fans and your business would be bright. Thus, try Facebook now and you would feel great with that!
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