There must have been several times when you have had visited somewhere or attended any event. You might have had found a chance to discuss multiple ideas with other professionals and members who might have had the potential to become your prospective clients. It is also possible that you have had a huge collection of cards by now whom you may never had bothered to take an action upon.

That is perhaps the most vital mistake usually people make in the corporate sector by not following up on their prospective clients. In this way they miss out the greatest opportunities to build new healthy connections. By loosing such opportunities you also happen to loose your revenue. You pay a high cost by this bad decision that could have leaded you towards a joint venture. A good decision of following up might have brought more prominence to your business altogether.

Besides these bad decisions there is something you can do such as revising your decision. You can take this as a lesson and crave for the improvement in your coming days. You can simply make a routine of following up on all of your social clients and prospective customers to never to miss out a good business opportunity in future.

This can be easily done by following these handy tips on follow up system:

1. The best way to make a follow up routine is to note down all the important hot leads number at your event diary and add a small note besides the name that says follow up. Fix or devote one hour of your precious time to do the follow up either by meeting, mailing them directly or over phone conversation etc.

2. Mark the business cards with some easy to remember symbol. Such as for hot leads mark with an X and for a warm lead mark the card with an O. This system will help you to easily work on your follow up routine. The chances are that you will never miss an important follow up again in future.

3. Taking quick notes and jotting down a quick detail about the person you wish to follow up is another good idea.
4. If you meet somebody that looks like a hot lead prefer to take an appointment for a follow up meeting on the spot. It will help you to save time and effort both. It is also an important move that can bring you many fruitful results. The right decision on the right time is very important for the success in the corporate sector.

5. Do not dump your cards in the corner of a drawer when you come back home but instead stack them on the table right in front of you so that you do not forget the important follow up the next day.

6. Get you assistant or yourself to maintain the follow up routine the next day. You can either call on them personally or ask your assistant to set a meeting. Email them or send them sales letters to carry with the follow up routine.

7. Build a database of your clients and after the follow up add their important details and other contact information etc. you may also add the notes about your follow up procedure etc.

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