Hi there quick question have you ever off loaded by uploading anything more than singing the blues this more than applies if you want your presence to be noticed especially by the spiders online - if so fast forwards to today’s amazing global maze - yes you guessed we are talking about the now! What I’m about to share with you here by just seeing your profile on your website is way more bang for your bucks if explained though the media of video is your perfect way to profile you on your very own blog this adds massive credibility to the engagement of the blog viewer obviously but most can’t do or won’t do! - this first step or think its to difficult and it just doesn’t get done – well listen up some good news for all put the kettle on this is worth a read especially if you want a care free online experience for your time online.

Have any blogger or community sharing tribe populate your video. For example, if your local tribe/community has online following and you want to advertise your business with them, add your video to the conversation much better a link to the video on r site no one to your video social network sites how could anyone resist you (-; virtual reality looking almost intractably talking to them – think about this for a second we are bombarded daily  almost trained sometimes hypnotized through media to buy from print or more in today’s norm from a person?.

Using video assets is about a cumulative & targeted approach involving online real estate. by using video in many relevant areas where possible, not just  posting them into the solar abyss that is these massive sites such as Youtube will provide you big benefits so to be better off go for the end result not just short term rewards save going to the beach and taking a swim another day get in to a marketers community built by marketers for marketers don’t be put off by the term marketers – if you have a blog on line your a budding marketer if you think you aint no one will read your blog huh! so would be time better spent getting all the tools training support that on offer.

If are reading this thus far then you are interested in getting your product even as a blogger your Point Across then marketing online is a system and systems are needed for the marketing of your products or services blogs websites what ever you do online, a few well known tips. Know the limits of video communication and know what to achieve and use video only where appropriate. In today’s online world you want your interested viewers to come to your site to see your profile in a video playing on auto what a greeting and my advice would be to have a good marketing strategy that focuses on discover-ability I shared this on my blog I posted earlier this month see bottom of this page to read more.

The best part of having video profile and product footage online is you can choose you do have control with choice options If you only want to share your videos with friends, family, you can with a simple one-click and then but if you are focused on marketing your website and driving traffic to your website then focus on strategies that work in this wonderful wide world then let me show you how to use and utilize YouTube, to get the results on Google you probably have only dreamed about – lol

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