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Facebook is one of the fastest growing websites on the entire Internet. It is in the top 100 websites visited across the entire Internet and has more users with accounts than the population of the United States. Virtual games such as Farmville and Cafe World allow users to spend hours upon hours of their free time on the website. This allows businesses to tap into their non-stop relationship with Facebook and make connections with a wide range of individuals.

All demographics visit Facebook. This allows any business that is selling virtually any product to meet their users in the social media playground. Starting a Facebook Fan Page takes just a few spare minutes in your day. The administrator must first have a Facebook account themselves. Click on create a page at the bottom of Facebook and fill out all of the fields. Ensure that you use your businesses brand name so that you can extend the brand throughout the Internet for free. The more you use the brand the better your business will be able to grow. Also, try to include a picture for your business whether it be a logo or a picture of all of the employees. The more details that you give the viewer the better.

Now that you have created a Facebook page for your business you need to get out there and promote it. That means that you must tell people you have a Facebook page by inviting them. Invite all of your friends, family and customers to join the page. Have small postcards available at your business so customers know that you now have a page that they can join in on. Think about purchasing some advertisements on Facebook to let people who might be interested in your page know about it. This works better with some business than others. Businesses that are easily adapted to the Internet and already have an e-commerce presence should go ahead and purchase some advertising. However, if your business does not yet have a website or e-commerce store it should set one up before purchasing any Facebook advertising.

Starting out with Facebook advertising is just as easy as it is to create a Facebook account or page. Simply click on Ads at the bottom of any page and sign up. Your credit card will be charged for the amount of advertising your purchase. Text ads as well as visual ads can be purchased. CPC/CPM pricing are available depending on which will work better for your business. Typically the costs for CPC ads are reduced as more individuals continue to click on them.

Facebook does not have to be your only social media website. There are many other great social media portals available to create accounts on. However, any business that does not have a Fan Page and account is missing out on great free publicity and traffic. Being able to connect with many customers on a website where a large amount of disposable time is spent could not be better!

And I’m not just talking any income. I’m talking sustainable and highly scalable businesses that feed your family, put your kids through college and give them a nice nest egg so they don’t needlessly start their lives in debt.

If only, if only our parents had stuff like this, am I right?

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