With recession hitting up everyone’s face people find it hard to find them a job even if they are lucky in getting one the reduced salary could hardly cope up with their needs, a large number of people started joining online marking for extra cash. Working online requires proper learning on few basic concepts like optimization of search engine and strategies for marketing. This manual on how to make money with online marketing strategies provides all the information required for online marketing.

The online marketing is currently booming with substantial return of hundreds or thousands dollar a month. This can be easily done by generating ad, writing article etc which only takes a small portion of your time.

One of the best ways to earn money online is writing articles, beginners can start their online career by writing casual articles for ehow on any HOW-TO topic. The articles are of two section 250 words and 500 words and takes only 20 min to write each article. Writing hundred of these articles for ehow can easily help you earn more than 20 dollars every month and this income is only passive, if you generate ad in your article you can earn a lot by the hit ups, this can be easily done by selecting proper keywords.

If you find yourself professional in writing articles you can write articles for other online hubs. Associated contents is one such reputable site for professionals where the amount is paid on the basic of the clarity, content , original and free of errors. The articles are passed through a series of strict checking where they are filtered if they aren’t satisfied with the quality of the work. A lot of professional writer like writergigs in ehow makes more than 2500 dollars every month by selecting topics that are informative and unique money can be doubled by generating ad for each hit ups.

Having basic information on optimization of search engine can also helps us see some cash, a lot of books are available for optimization of search engine, and it’s basically increasing the traffic to our website. Traffic can be increased by adding keywords that are constantly being searched by the customers these keywords are easily available from google tools like ad word etc, which helps us re-modify our contents by selecting keywords that gets more hits.

If writing articles online doesn’t tickles your interest and you’re very obsessed with photography there are a lot of websites which pay for the photos you submit online, but of course it has to pass several photography test. One such site which helps us earn a lot is i stock photos. Data entry job can also provide us with substantial returns and best of it we can act as virtual assistant by working at home, your type writing skills also plays very important role in data entry jobs where we can earn by typing more words for one minute.
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This manual on how to make money with online marketing strategies provides easy way where we can make money online.