With short attention span of many web surfers, means the power of video sharing and the power of video influence on people, has become a unstoppable event to the point , were TV shows are base around video sharing sites , such as YouTube.

If video is your main promotional tool, a free service named YouLikeHits can save you hours. You upload your video to YouLikeHits , and then it disseminates it for you to the major video sharing sites. It automatically converts your video to each site’ s required format, and it provides detailed metrics on viewership, monitors comments, and emails you reports. It also allows you to schedule deployment, so you can go live at the right time for your campaign. The service will submit your videos to all of the major social bookmarking sites as well, making it a powerful tool for anyone trying to get the most out of video marketing with limited resources.

Google loves videos, as a result growing number of bloggers are including videos in their blogs. Why? Video marketing has proven to drive targeted traffic to any website. One of the big advantages to video marketing is that all search engines love videos.

That as soon as you start incorporating video into your blog or website, you will start to see how easy it is to drive traffic to your website.

Now that this technology is at the finger tips of every online marketer, the creation of Video Blog, boosting your patronage could not be easier. Video sharing is becoming a necessity for big business, as well as smart internet marketers. More businesses are profiting from the benefits of movies. Promotional videos are coming to the forefront of most business marketing strategies. You can make the most of video sharing to ensure effective communication, promote your new products, and draw more visitors to your website.

How to choose the Best HD Camcorder? There many camcorders on the market which deliver HD recording, portable, and no fuss, and must for any social networking aficionados or internet marketers.

Here just a few on the market:

Kodak Zi6: YouTube aficionados and other social network user will love this trendy looking, point and use Kodak. It has its limitations, but at the price and with the bonus of HD, it’s going to be snapped up.

Samsung SMX-C10: A simple no frills pocket sized camcorder that is perfect for YouTube and other social networking websites. It would also be a great first camcorder for children.

Sony MHS -PM5: Not a camcorder for an ambitious user or dedicated memory keeper, but excellent for user into blogging, social networking and generally being connected on the go.

Flip Video Mino HD Camcorder: Flip Video Mino HD Camcorder is not designed to compete with larger camcorders, like a Samsung HMX20C or Canon HF 100, but as a Stand alone Fun unit, it scores.

JVC Picisio GC- FM1: You can't judge these phone style camcorders with the likes of others. But this is one of the best in this category; it's stylish, well made and easy to use.

All theses pocket HD camcorders come with pre-loaded software which can uploaded to your computer which in turn makes it easy to email videos, edit individual clips, make custom movies, capture still-image snapshots, and upload video to Facebook, MySpace , YouTube and other sharing sites, Pocket digital camcorders have held the advantage over their larger brethren for creating large amounts of content quickly and at an affordable price, which you can more easily put online. Now the latest models from several companies are advertising the ability to capture high resolution video.

Advantages of a pocket camcorder
• Price (lower)
• Size (smaller)
• Weight (lighter)
• Video capture (easier)
• Video Compression (faster)
• Recharging (quicker)
• Uploading (simpler)

Putting video on your own website -- even if you have the memory board space -- can dramatically slow down response time for the rest of your website users, so it's wise to host it on a separate site. There are many free video sharing sites, such as YouTube.

In deed, great video is more muscular thousands times than text, picture, word. However, how to make great videos and where to place or share these videos, you could gain the expected result.