When people are talking about WordPress, they may be talking about wordpress.com which is the remotely hosted version of WordPress that's free or wordpress.org which is the self-hosted version of WordPress which is also free but it costs you money to host that site on a webhost such as GVO even HostGator or BlueHost. If you're deciding betweeen your remotely hosted site like wordpress.com or remotely hosted like wordpress.org, you should definitely be self-hosted because when you're self-hosted, you have control. You don't get your site banned for no reason. You have customization. You can do anything you want with the site and you have migration. You can put the site anywhere you want and you don't have to worry about it going anywhere.

Regardless of the type of website you have, reliable web hosting account plays vital roles in your entire online operations. Any web hosting service is considered reliable if it has plenty of options, easy to use interface, highest amount of uptime and lots more. These are some of the features that are contains in almost all the web hosting packages online though some deliver each feature much better than others. There is need for you to think how you backup the files you upload in your website, blog or forum. This is necessary to avoid loosing your hard earned work in case of any eventuality. Many website owners had ignored the issues of backing up their files and they usually have negative tales to tell when they loose the things they upload to their websites. The importance of backing up your files can’t be overemphasized.

It is a gross mistake to choose any web hosting service without considering how they back up the files of their clients because some of the companies that offer web hosting services online don’t have any form of file back up at all. Have you ever though of what will become of your business and all your efforts if for any reason you loose your files online? Depending on the type of business you do, if you loose your file or data, it would simply translate to immense lose income and revenue to you. Even if all you have in the site is your personal file, have you considered the time it would take you to gather such files and get them running on the internet? With lots of web hosting firm offering similar package with equal assurance it is not easy making the right choice for a web host provider. Host Then Profit 

There are web hosting companies on the internet such as DreamHost, which offers not just high uptime periods, but also high security measures that would ensure the safety of your files and adequate backup for such files too. They guarantee these services and had proved over the years that they are capable of satisfactorily delivering them to their clients. In as much as many web hosting companies would readily promise to backup your files, some of them actually don’t do that to their clients’ satisfaction and some even frown at backing up files they consider personal to their clients. How ironical! Getting web hosting companies that promise to provide backups is good but it is always best to ascertain the effectiveness of such backups. You would agree with me that many web hosting companies may adopt the backup promise just to lure more clients to their enclave, so it more reasonable to know if they actually keep their promises. Idly, web hosting companies that offer adequate files backups for their clients would provide easy-to-use interface and would be ready to support them anytime if there is any need.

WordPress Backup Creator Do The Rest Of The Work For You. No Files To Upload, No Cron Jobs To Setup, No Ftp Required. Apart from ensuring that you align with web hosting companies that provide proper file backups for their clients, it would be to your benefit to also have your own of all your files in case the hosting company derails. You can simply do this by having your file in your hard disk. I would say don't risk it, host your own site. Don't use Blogger. Don't use WordPress.com. Get your own web hosting account at HostGator or BlueHost. Download wordpress.org and use that as the platform for your website, your sales letter, your blog, and your membership site right now.

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Go to backupcreator to back up click the banner below, clone, and secure your WordPress site right now before anything happens to them. It's very tedious to add content to WordPress. If you have 100 pieces of content, 100 articles you have to copy and paste every individual title and post content one at a time unless you have an Importer plugin. But once that's all setup, once that is all loaded into WordPress with all the proper hyperlinks, with the settings, now you can put this on a
new site.