Profitable Banner Advertisment Blog Management TipsOne of the easiest ways to increase your revenue on your blog is with delegating a small area of your blog to banner ads. Banner ads are vital for growing blogs for revenue as they are often a lot more stable than affiliate programmes, and can lead to a higher income than cost per click networks. Banner ads have been around for almost as long as the internet itself and whilst having banner ads on your blog was seen as a bit spammy, recent standards & practices have seen banners become an unobtrusive yet effective method of increasing your brand awareness and generating traffic. This has seen a small upswing with the number of companies purchasing banner ads even on small less popular blogs.

However a lot of people try running banner ads but fail, often without any advertisers & no revenue generated. How do you make yours successful & profitable?

The first mistake people make is that the banners are often placed in places that people cannot see them, preserving their prime space for their own content. While this is a admirable strategy, no respected advertiser would put a banner ad "below the fold" (the screen space that you can't see when a web page loads up). So therefore a profitable ad space needs to be one of the first things that people see when they load up your blog. It needn't make your blog ugly - effective banner space is near your blog's logo, above your content or in the top of the sidebar.

The second mistake people make is they offer sitewide placements. Whilst this is often the easiest way to set up your banner ads on your blog, it's not always the most profitable way, both for you & advertisers. With an advanced banner segmentation, each blog catagory can serve banner ads, meaning you can sell more & offer more relevant ads. An effective banner ad management plugin can help you manage your blog ads.

The third mistake people make is actually starting off their campaign. Often advertisers are greeted with walls of empty banner ad space, encouraging them to advertise there. This isn't great as they will be apprehensive to make a purchase. If you however give the perception that your adserver is busy, by filling up empty banner space with banners (be them from affiliate products, banner exchanges or even designed links to posts), then you are more likely to get a response. Also it can be worthwhile putting messages out on forums & trade directories advertising your blog's banner programme, try offering a discount rate to begin with too.

Finally, offering a great service can help increase income & renewals. Try targetting companies that don't have much of a web presence & offer them some design for their banner, be sure to report on stats. That way you'll be seen as a premium banner adverister, and get a lot more income in the long run.

Banner ads can help suppliment affiliate income and people do make a lot of money from them, but you need to be clever to get the most for your blog.