When viewing a website, many individuals don’t know what the letters RSS stand for, so they just ignore that part of a website. First of all let’s talk about what these letter stand for. RSS is the three letter acronym for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. Syndicating means to republish a writing that comes from another information source. These feeds are often connected with a website as their information source.

By subscribing to an RSS feed on a website you can keep abreast of any changes regarding the websites new content, additions of new products, special sales and other relative information which may keep a reader informed. With this feature you can scan through a number of different articles, and if your pressed for time, you can choose a more convenient time frame to access the website source for additional information.

There are a number of benefits that both the user and the publishers can enjoy.

Some feeds are merely for the convenience of the users, with updates about the weather in your local area, local news, and new videos or software upgrades and a host of other interesting subjects. This information source is an excellent way to keep up with the latest updated information on your subject of interest.

RSS feeds will save you an incredible amount of surfing time, since the feeds will provide a summary of related articles that normally you would never find in the vast jungle of information found online. This will allow you to prioritize your time and activities, and still allow you to keep informed without any sales pressure from the normal website advertisements.

As the user you will have a much broader free hand to choose which website to subscribe to using only the RSS function which you can change at any time without a lot of emails trying to get you to come back to a website for additional product offerings.

You will enjoy the lack of clutter in your email inbox. An email address will be required to enroll in an RSS feed aggregator, however, RSS feed do not use your email to send updates. You are in total control of how long you want to subscribe to any given RSS feed.

You won’t have to worry about spam. RSS feeds are spam free. These feeds are kept totally safe from any form of spam emails because your email address is not used to send updates. You must click on the RSS feed button to gain access to the information.

There is no pressure to try to get you to re-subscribe if you decide you don’t want to be bothered with information about a particular subject matter anymore. You merely delete the RSS feed from your aggregator. No hassles to unsubscribe; what a wonderful concept.

RSS feeds may be used in promoting a new product or service by posting news in a website with an RSS feed. You can keep updated on these latest additions without being bombarded with junk emails and spam.

Feeds are advantageous to both the web users and the website owners. The advantage here for the website owner would be that, only the interested individuals will respond. However, the advantage for the user would be; the users only click on the feed if they’re interested in that particular product or service.

There are few drawbacks to the website owner when using RSS feeds. The big disadvantage would be the lack of public awareness of what this remarkable function of marketing really accomplishes. Some of the old school; still prefer emails. The use of images, graphics and photos do not appear on an RSS feed which may be unacceptable for some businesses as well as some users.

From the business standpoint, publishers can’t determine where their traffic is coming from or the frequency of visitors without some pricey tracking systems. This may be a detriment to the website owner because they won’t know a reason why a subscriber decides to no longer use their information feeds. With these statistics, the website owner may not be aware of ways they should improve their advertising.

RSS feeds may create excessive demands on the servers due to possible higher traffic so the website owner must have adequate resources to accommodate any unexpected demands on their server. If you’re not sure whether this may be a problem or not, you may want to verify you have enough resources available before the problem actually occurs.

RSS feeds are a viable function that should be incorporated into your everyday marketing strategies. If you’re not savvy on all the benefits feeds can provide for your business, go to your favorite search engine and do some serious research on this subject. If you have more than one website, you may want to try feeds on one site and then compare both sites and see which one works for you. Simply click on the banner or link below

As the popularity of RSS grows rapidly, people continue to search to understand how they can benefit from this growing standard.

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