Aweber is a service that online marketers use to build their lists of subscribers and hence build a database of people that they can send emails regularly to promote their products and services

Aweber is hands down the best auto-responder there is on the internet as it offers the following services:

-You can set up unlimited numbers of campaigns.

-You can send unlimited messages to your list.

-Aweber has a spam checker, so before your message goes out, it will be checked for spam. Therefore you are sure your emails will most probably never end up in the junk box.

-You can either send text or html-based messages.

-You can manage your subscriber lists in case you have different products.

As we always say: the money is in the list! The bigger your list is, the more money you make online; as simple as that. So, how to communicate with your subscribers?

As we all know, and as it has been proven, 70% to 80% of the people who visit a website for the first time do not buy the product straight away.

That is why when you have your auto-responder, you allow people to subscribe to your website. Once they do, even though they do not buy your product immediately, there are chances that they will after you follow up on them with a number of messages.

What you include in those messages could be free information, free giveaways, free videos, tips tutorials, etc.

Why do you need to do that?

Simply because you want to build a relationship with your list. When you do so, people tend to trust you more and trust that your content is a quality one. Therefore, they will most definitely end up buying your product after some time.

When you have a list with a small number, it is easy to interact with your subscribers on an individual basis. However, when your list reaches the thousands, it is difficult to do so. That’s when Aweber comes in handy as it allows you to send personalized messages to all your subscribers at once containing each person’s first name and personal details.

All you need to do is save a series of predetermined email on your Aweber database and once the prospects opt in, they will be sent those emails on an interval that you had set up yourself before.

Can’s write? No writing skills? No problem! Aweber provides over 100 professionally build and designed templates that you can just copy and change as you like.

In short, I consider Aweber as my virtual assistant who monitors my subscribers, sends them emails on a regular basis and who takes the work load off my back and makes my life easy so that I can spend more time doing the other things I need to do about my business! One more thing about Aweber is that it also offers an affiliate program that you can sign up to and make money.

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