Have you ever wondered how you can put VIDEO on your website? In the past, there just haven't been any good solutions. Videos were slow, required bulky software to view, and were hard to put on websites. But now there is technology that makes putting videos on your website easy. Better yet, these videos can be viewed without trouble by virtually all your visitors.

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Critics believe that squeeze pages are the equivalent of herding sheep into a pen for fleecing while blogs are often like throwing a party to meet new people
. Squeeze pages are used by every single top internet marketer, and the internet marketers who use them are literally saying, "here, have this, it's free" and we return the compliment by giving them our email address. There is nothing wrong with this exchange.

Squeeze pages have a distinct element of reward in them, as well as reciprocity. Some offer a free gift in exchange for your email address. It's a win-win for both parties.

Now, you can drive all the traffic you want to your page, but if it doesn't convert, you're never going to make any money. To ease consumer concerns, experienced online businesses create "Squeeze Pages" that detail what the subscriber will be receiving and the businesses privacy standards. Besides free reports, a squeeze page may offer to teach a needed technique or offer a video showing the "how to" for that particular market.

Video in particular is becoming increasingly popular. Savvy internet marketer, Andy Jenkins, has even just opened is incredibly popular "Video Boss" series which promises to teach the most new newbie exactly how to profit from the video squeeze phenomena.

How to Build a List

Experienced internet marketers preach that list building is the most important one of the building blocks for any online venture. You can keep returning to your list with offers, and at some point upgrade your list members to a buyers list, and that means income in your wallet.

The absence of links on the page is used to focus a visitors' attention on one choice: register for the email list or leave the site. Take a look at an average lead capture page, and you'll likely see the same old theme that everyone else is doing: long-winded, repetitive copy designed to bore you into opting in to the email list.

As they say, "the money is in the list" and an effective Lead Capture Page will build your list. Mike Filsaime has claimed that his list number equates directly to a dollar value at a one for one equivalent. A list of 1000 names means $1000 in income on average per mailing.

Video Squeeze Pages

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Add video to any website

Video squeeze pages are all the rage, and prove to convert very very well. Squeeze video pages are much more efficient - and right now, the experts are saying they produce better results. (Note the new Video Boss course that just went live.) Squeeze video pages are the fastest growing marketing tool online for every niche. If you provide a video to watch, which really gives value, and is not only a disguised sales pitch, conversions increase dramatically. It seems that people would rather watch a three minute video than wade through virtual reams of copy.

Lead capture pages are great for generating leads. Remember that squeeze pages are primarily designed to obtain a reader's name and email address by encouraging users to opt-in to an e-mail list to receive more information about the topic of the website. Squeeze pages are quickly becoming the single most powerful list-building strategy ever devised. There are many professionals who believe that squeeze pages are simply a page where you have a small form that your visitors can fill out, but you know better.

Now that you know exactly what squeeze pages are or what they can be considered, you may be wondering exactly why you should have one. If video squeeze pages are used correctly they can be super effective, and will flood your mailing list with subscribers. Contrary to some opinions, not all squeeze pages are bad, and the strategy is actually sound if you use it as a means to add value to the buying process - and to serve your market.