If you by chance read my first article, How Passion Can Make Money Online. You can channel your passion into making money online with your affiliate revenues. Now comes the big question, how do I invest my revenue back into the system to make more money online?

There are many sound investment choices available out there, you must research each choice and always make sure they increase your bottom line for each affiliate revenue, that your investment represents. If one affiliate product you are promoting is more successful then a second affiliate product, you are promoting.You will invest more into the successful one and then see what you can change with the second product to be like the first.

The Health and Wellness Space is a Multi Billion dollar Industry, How Passion Can Make Money Online This is were balance comes into play. By investing equally into each product based on what they are earning you. Each product will receive enough investment to take them to there next levels of making more money online.

When you decide on a investment based on percentages, balance is achieved by applying those percentages equally to each product. Example, product one makes $1000 a day and product two makes $1000 a week. That means product one makes $7000 a week with equal marketing investments.

You decide on investing 10% of affiliate revenue back into each account. Product number one gets $700 invested back into the product, product number two receives $100 back into the product. This provides the balance that establishes the harmony for each make more money online businesses you promote.

Never put more money into a product because it not doing as well as the other product. If you did the same type of marketing on each product then other factors are involved that make one product sell more than the other. If this product makes you money keep it making money at the level the market is letting it.

Each product you market will establish its level of making more money by investing your affiliate revenues back into the system that started it all.

I will not recommend investment choices for your affiliate revenue, this is up to you. There is so much hype out there in cyber land to attract you into bad investments. Be careful and do your home work well.

If it does not create harmony in what you are doing or just does't make good sense. Don't do it. You will know what I mean when you get to that level of your business. Remember the golden rule, truth that gives back into your success will lead you to making more money online.

All people want to make more money it is a natural desire. The internet provided us all a opportunity to make it online. Only a few people based on percentages accually use it to make money online.

I was not ready my first time I tried to make money online, I just gave up. This time was different all my desires lead me down the path to bring my dreams to life. Investing your affiliate revenues back into the system and spreading it around to places that created the balance in your life.

The Health and Wellness Space is a Multi Billion dollar Industry,