How to videos on the internet are a fun and different way of learning information right from the comfort of your own home or office. Even though videos have been available on the internet for many years, people are starting to care more about the educational possibilities of said videos, rather than videos that exist purely for entertainment's sake.

The market for instructional information is huge and there are enormous chunks of written information telling people how to mow the lawn, train a dog, how to identify medical issues and whatever else you can think of. The vast majority of these “how to” instructional lectures are written down and published on paper or on the internet – and there is the biggest problem with them – they are static and not always easy to follow or understand.

If you want to know how to do something, the best way of learning it yourself is to be shown by someone who already knows what you need to do. Written works are lacking on the visual element even though photographs and diagrams can go some way to alleviating this – the truth is that static imagery and words are no substitute for the a live demonstration.

Television itself is restrictive in that you are reliant on whatever the programming schedule is going to allow. You can of course invest in DVD’s but this is an expensive exercise for something which you may not use more than once.

Internet video has now developed where it is cheap and easy to produce “how to” and instructional videos on any topic. The price of a web cam is only a few dollars and you can invest in state of the art video technology such as the Flip, which will integrate seamlessly with your internet account on YouTube for instance – this will cost you less than a couple of hundred dollars.

Today there are tens of thousands of people producing their own “how to” videos and posting them up on the web for you to use. You are restricted only by your imagination as anything you are looking to find out how to do is probably not unique – someone else will have gotten there before you and produced a video on it!
Instructional Videos

Using the internet to host “how to” videos and instructional works also means it is easy to find what you are looking for. More than this, such videos are more likely to be integrated with other useful information and feedback from other users who have taken advantage of this free information resource. One issue you will need to be aware of is that anyone can make one of these videos – just how much credence are you going to give on someone providing you with instructions on how to perform open heart surgery unless they are qualified to do it themselves? While the internet is obviously a great resource, you should exercise a degree of common sense in that the information you get is only going to be as good as the person who prepared and posted it.