When you learn article marketing it does not matter whether your article is simply a Web page on the Internet or entire chapters in a larger book, readers today have limited time to spend wading through a maze of gray page.

Most readers prefer writings that are articulate and to the point. It is only when we write effectively that we can produce clear, concise and informative piece of information that is structured around the message we want to convey to the audience.

Effective writing begins with a wise choice of words, supported with strong, well-developed sentences and paragraphs. It also takes into consideration the purpose of the writing—which determines the format to adopt in writing it. For example, are you writing an informal email? Or is it a detailed report, a sales copy, or even a formal business letter?

These are things to consider in choosing the format for your writing. Your audience too is another consideration. A letter to a prospective customer would surely adopt a different tone from an email meant for a close friend.
How to Write Articles Effectively

In this article however, I am discussing steps to bear in mind if you have to write online articles meant to appeal to a worldwide audience. So if you desire to make your writing effective, you are reading a useful guide right now.

Keep in mind that writing is not an isolated activity—it is not an end in itself. Rather it is a culmination of your ideas and logical thinking. Therefore any writing endeavor must necessarily begin with brainstorming for topics, collecting information, assembling ideas, and even asking questions. You will need to keep your notes and source materials well organized as you progress.

Moreover, when developing your topic, look for patterns and relationships between them. See what conclusions you can draw. It may also help to discuss your ideas or topics with someone familiar with what you intend to write on.

This can help you determine the suitability or otherwise of your intended topic, or otherwise offer constructive advice that can strengthen the structure of your article. Consequently, their suggestions can give you a new perspective that can shake your thinking up and keep your momentum going

You may find, as you write, that you are ending up with an idea somewhat different from the one you started with. Do not be dismayed; this happens often to article writers, especially those writing on several related topics.

If your first topic or conclusion does not hold water, no problem. Feel free to change it to reflect what your fully-written article obviously addresses.

Organize Your Writing To Reflect The Structure Below: The Introduction, this is where you give your reader an idea of what the article will treat. You should make it interesting.

Most readers will dump an article if the introduction is not reassuring, i.e., if it does not relate to the article title AND highlights the major issue that the article wants to address. So an article can not qualify as effective if the introduction fails to encourage the reader to read on.

The Body: you should use the body of the article to present all the evidence that support the idea you are discussing. Use concrete examples to illustrate your points in order to avoid wrong generalizations.

The Conclusion: summarizes the article body in a general manner. Good writers also use the conclusion to move the reader to take action. Moreover, you should use your conclusion to make your reader see how they can benefit from the ideas discussed in the article.

If you have generally handled the earlier parts of the article well, you won’t struggle with your conclusion. On the other hand, if the article body presented no sound evidence, the conclusion will unavoidably sound hollow.

All the points discussed above are things ANYONE can master if they set their heart to it. Therefore effective writing is within the reach of every writer who is determined to write better articles. I should also add that proofreading your writing and frequent practice are two other habits that will continuously improve the effectiveness of your articles.

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How to Write Articles Effectively