You can make money out of expired or abandoned domains in many different ways. This is especially true with domains which were already attracting a sizable daily volume of visits before the owner decided to stop maintaining them. One easy way to make money is to purchase one such domain and to park it. In other words, after purchasing the domain, you simply put up a single page on it announcing that the site is being developed. However, the catch is that you will fill that page with affiliate advertisements and Google AdSense banners.

But first, how exactly do you get a listing of expired domains to make money from? By searching on the Internet, of course! However, not all outfits that provide listings will also display the statistics of the domains listed. Sometimes no information will be made available as to the links to that domain and its ranking with search engines. With persistence, you may eventually find a website which does.

But before you shop around for expired domains, you should know what subject you are devoting to in your website. Naturally your website has to be about a popular topic for it to make money for you. If you visit article submission sites, you can click through their article categories and open one or two articles in one category. The number of people who have read that article represents the popularity of the subject matter. Naturally you will want to make money from the most read articles.

When you do visit sites that list expired domains and their details, try to get a domain name that says something about the subject that you have chosen. Many domains with very suggestive and attractive names expire every day. If you don’t find any name you like on your first visit, try again after 12 hours. Keep trying until you do find the domain name that fits your subject matter. Buy it and put up one page on it.

To make money you should make that page look important so that people will be eager to click on the links they find on it. Of course, you need to announce unobtrusively that the page is under construction. Under that modest announcement, you need to fill that one page with your affiliate links. These are simply links that contain an id number referring to your affiliate account with a mother company. When a visitor clicks one such link, he is immediately whisked to the appropriate product page on the website of the outfit to which you are affiliated. Because of your id number in that link, the head company will know to give you a commission should they make money on that visitor.
How to Make Money Parking Domains
The nice thing about parking domains is that you make money without a full-blown website. You will not need to buy software to create the website yourself or have it done by a professional for an even bigger fee. A few lines of HTML will suffice for you to make money on your parked domain. Of course, you should have studied the right keywords to put on that single page in order that it should float up in searches. For this purpose you can avail of keyword search tools from Google itself.