When people search for information on the internet, they make use of search words that will enable them to find what they are searching for. Knowing that different users make use of different terms is vital to being successful using SEO and article marketing. While one intending couple may be searching for information about honey moon in Hawaii, another may be searching for information about wedding in Hawaii. This guide teaches you how to utilize and enjoy free search engine traffic.

First, what are search engines? While both intending couples mentioned above are essentially searching for the same thing, the fact that they used different search words will cause them to have different results. This is due to the way search engines work. One can get in-depth understanding of search engines and the way they work by searching for relevant information on the internet.

Second, why is the combination of SEO and article marketing a great idea on the internet? Search engines once in a while ‘use’ people to evaluate how significant a web page is to certain keywords. Your website will usually be accessed by software scripts known as ‘spiders’ (because of their interaction with the web).

These scripts are usually designed to locate various aspects of web pages using mathematical models called algorithms to analyze the web pages and determine how significant the various components are to the search.

Though when working with SEO and article marketing you do not need a comprehension of algorithms and its application in analyzing web pages, here are a few variables that algorithms analyze. The expression variable pinpoints aspects of your web page that can be different from one another even in the same topic. The sections of your web page analyzed by search engine optimization include:

Your Page Title: This should contain the keyword that is likely to be used by a searching customer. Keywords can either be single words or phrases. Every page you create in your site should be carefully constructed around one keyword, and only one keyword.

The beginning of your first paragraph: You should always include your keyword or phrase in your first paragraph.

Become a PostLinks Publisher today and start earning money from your WordPress site!Your article body: it is also very important to include keywords or phrases in the body of your article. Spread the key words to at least one per hundred words of your content.

The importance of key words for search engines to direct searchers to your page every time a search is being conducted cannot be over emphasized. Keywords are like ‘names’, ‘addresses’, or description tags to your web page.

Your keywords have to be from one to three percent of the total article before they can be of any effect to the search engine.

It is safe to conclude that SEO and article writing are complimentary to each other for building and directing traffic to your website. On e would find it helpful to do more online research on how SEO and article writing are combined to enhance your website traffic.