Those of us that operate websites realize where most of our traffic is coming from. This is especially the case whenever we are buying traffic through CPC or perhaps have other targeted campaigns that are running. There is always an element of traffic that comes through our websites, however, that seems to just come out of thin air. These people tend to be fairly targeted and they may actually make up a considerable amount of traffic whenever you take it over the long term. Here are where some of those people are coming from, and how you may be able to track them.

Type in Traffic - If you are fortunate enough to own a domain name that is a fairly common phrase, people will readily type it in their browser. If you spend any amount of time looking over the shoulder of somebody that is not very experienced at surfing the Internet, you will more than likely see some unorthodox ways of getting to a website. For example, if your website happens to be, you will end up with a lot of type in traffic because that is how people will think that they are able to get information on the subject. Although the vast majority of good type in domains are taken, there are a few that are left. There is also another way for you to capitalize on this.

Branding - You may not even realize that you are branded to a certain extent, but if you have a fairly popular website, people may recognize it readily. It is not only important for you to have a logo on your website that is branded, but it is also important that the name of the website is branded as well. You should rank well in the search engines for your brand name and you will see a considerable amount of traffic as a result of this. It can also lead to some type in traffic, which will seem to appear out of thin air.

Word-Of-Mouth Advertising - Out of all of the different types of advertising that are available, this is probably my favorite. First of all, it's free and second, it's effective. Whenever somebody recommend your website to a colleague or friend, you gain an instant sense of trust with that individual that is passed on from the person who is recommending your website. Many sales come from word-of-mouth advertising, simply because it gets rid of a lot of the walls that may exist before they land on your website.

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Video Marketing - finally, you may end up with some type in traffic from video marketing on YouTube and the other video sites. It is impossible for you to track this traffic, as the person is actually typing your URL into the address bar. Sometimes you are able to recognize whenever this traffic is coming from a very targeted video campaign but at other times, it may be trickling in from an old campaign. Regardless, it is a source of good traffic that tends to stick around for the long term.