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A systematic approach to social strategy
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I guess you're wondering by now who exactly Wilson Cowden is - right? So I've decided to tell you a little about myself. I'm now 57 years young and live in a small coastal village at the foot of the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland -

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By Wilson Cowden
Published on 05/24/2010
Google Friend Connect lets you grow traffic by easily adding social features to your website. This means means more people engaging more deeply with your website -- and with each other. In this video, Google Product Marketing Manager Mendel Chuang gives a short introduction to Google Friend Connect.

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4 step approach to social strategy
Reading should be social! Post a message on your social networks to let others know ...... The marketing process consists of  4 step approach to social strategy
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Some folksl never be able to figure it out!

Social learning theory is derived from the work of Cornell Montgomery (1843-1904) which proposed that social learning occurred through four main stages of getting other folks to do the spreading of your content for you...

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You must always remember these social networking sites are social media hangouts, so be just that, social sharing socially interesting social helping your fellow friends with their problems etc etc. It is crucial to build trust here are some sample rapport building questions: you MUST learn the needs of your prospect before you can position your product to solve them or service them. Creating your blog the "nucleus" of all your other Web 2.0 sites is the key. In other words, every one of your social sites needs to be pointing people to your blog, not a product after product sales page.

Let me explain what I mean by the use with the word "relationship building" in this context. Your personal blog is supposed to tell the world a whole lot about you and what your specialties are. This can entail a personal history of your life all the way to your specific business and products. People connect with people so make your site professionally personable, informative and full of value fun and of interest.