Having a recap for 2011 took around a full hour for some TV channels and around four full weeks of December, every single day until the New Year for other media channels. But putting it in simpler terms where you do not have to waste your precious time, a precise in-a-nutshell recap of 2011 most important realities that had some type of effect can be resumed in as little as one sentence or a simple article so you consider what you should choose to do in 2010 and what might happen if you elect to do nothing.

Year 2009 for the economy went in precise as: the famous bubble burst is finally out in the media, how much is worth your home right now and how much you owe on it or what’s the appreciated value? Second, everything in regards to or that can be associated with treasury, starts warming up. At this time lies about investing your money on many investing opportunities start jumping in many magazines and sufficient amount of TV channels for people who decided to have a keen eye on patterns for potential economy nightmares. Check some of my interesting articles and predictions back in 2008 and 2009.

Interesting, CDs begin having different set of patterns according to some newsworthy news. You check resources like the Morning Star online and some forums and the correct English term is swaps. Swaps and investments take place to protect the ultra rich and investors with equivalent power to avoid financial pockets of value to personally go bankrupt! Interesting, for some reasons a company called Enron boggled my mind as continue writing. Then, the mortgage collapse!

At this time for your own health you could not turn the TV on. You had from 2 to 100 financial experts or gurus talking about finances. But hey, without being sarcastic - many of say it’s good TV! Around this time, greed hit gas prices. For some reason, not every Arab likes the US! Next in no particular chronological order of historic disaster you have Lehman Brothers and bigger companies flocking into financial disaster.

At this time some international minds light a Cuban tobacco and interesting enough oil prices go record high. At this time, you probably said to yourself: do I need a BMW, Infiniti, Mercedes or a nice car to look or be even hotter? Or perhaps you predicted this much earlier and dump unnecessary luxuries. Then, the amount of corruption, fraud and coercion begins.

A prudent next step begins after, the bailout begins. Some if not all of 2006 and 2007 tax dollars are given to save Wall Street and million dollar parties among those who got richer or saved by the bailout go bigger than previous year as far recording and some TV news channels let us know. Unfortunately, it isn’t wishful thinking! It was and continues to be reality.

Then my next door neighbor boughs a shotgun! An economic freeze began at such times and 401k gets bigger volatile hits in people with such investments. Finally Obama wins and millions of people see him as the savior and winning strategist of the influential or should I say, past irresponsible leader leading America?

In ending review, if you had or already have multiple successful correctly ran businesses running on the internet: you survived or thrived on the worst of those days. If you did not, you learned a powerful lesson that should not ever repeat itself as you gain knowledge and experience. My question would be, what would you do in 2011 and every other year to thrive?