Forget about it, yep – that’s what I said…. forget about it. Don’t get dazzled by this site’s claims of outrageous fortunes that you are going to make if you join for only $10. I mean even if you did manage to make a few bucks that would be ok, after all if you’re reading this you have probably spent alot more than that already buying products or memberships in the hopes of making a living on the internet or at least some sort of income online.

MyMoneyFish is a home-based business opportunity that recently launched in the first quarter of 2010. What is so fantastic about this site is the access to 3,000+ of the hottest money making secrets ever produced and they all come with full master resell rights or private label rights!

What is the meaning of full master resell rights and private label rights you ask?
The Traffic Player Rundown Product Name:  Price $47 or $77 (upgrade to Suite for $97)
Master Resell Rights means you can sell the product from your own website for any amount you choose in accordance with the license which comes with the item.

Private Label Rights, is
the same as master resell rights, BUT you can legally put your name on the items as the author or creator. Each item in this collection comes with these rights and can be sold individually for any price you like, while you get to keep 100% of the profits!

Think about this – you could sell them on Ebay. You could offer them on your blog as a free gift if people will give you their name and email address (opt in list) and there’s your avenue to start building your email list so in the future you can market other products to your list. You could put a link on your blog and sell the products directly. Twitter about them, do you see the big picture yet?

With most of the products, you’ll also get a website template that is designed specifically
for you to sell that individual item. The website includes the sales page, and download
pages, as well as all the images and graphics for the site. You also get a Resell Rights
License, and instructions on how to use the product and/or resell it.

Here are some titles of the 3,000+ Ebooks, videos and software products…..”How to Win the War of Internet Marketing”, “Building Your Automatic Money Machine”, “Inside The Minds of Winners”, “Internet Copycatting”, “eBook Creation Toolkit”, “Blog In A Box”, “The Cash Flow e-Business”, “The Science of Getting Rich”, “Instant Audio Creator”, “Instant Video Suite”, “Party Travel” – The Easy Guide To Fun Exciting And Affordable Traveling For Singles, “Newbie’s Guide To Online Fortunes”, “Poker Package Master Rights”, “101 Recipes in a Flash”, “eBay Entrepreneur Kit” – there is something for everyone here in this arsenal of over 3,000 products.

For a measly $10/mo investment you get access to thousands of e-books and a wide array of educational material and software designed for the internet marketer to make money online. All the products are popular,and in demand and there's nothing else out there that can generate you the wealth and the security that you want for such a ridiculously small investment.

If you are willing to work hard at a legitimate internet based affiliate business, this site will provide you with enough tools and products to get you started making money selling
other people's products.

For your $10/mo, you're getting much more than that worth of products and a wealth of information on how to get your new business venture up and running in a very short time! My Money Fish is legitimate and not a scam and if you join and decide you want to cancel the company does have a 30 day money back guarantee. For me, this was and is a no-brainer. You can get more info here at:

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