Technologies and conceptual designs emerge and develop and die over an ever shortening time period as we humans continuously pursue our abiding interests in doing more and more, faster and faster, easier and easier. One such phenomenon of current interest is Twitter, and its monumental impact on our lives at present seems certain to launch it to an exceedingly significant position as the lists of applications for it along with their accompanying benefits increase virally!

The diversity of directions in which knowledge and skills are advancing today combined with the pace at which they are occurring is absolutely mind-boggling to this particular senior citizen! As I reflect on the many new developments I've seen introduced over the years and then replaced by something even more spectacular, I can only shake my head in amazement. Why, I remember when I studied computer science, or data processing, as we called it then, in college, the computers were gigantic machines maintained in controlled-access, air-conditioned rooms, data was input on punched cards, and outputs were stored on magnetic tapes!

Yet, I'm not unlike the majority who feel, I believe, that if there are new technologies, new adaptations, new products or services, new methods, new whatever for doing better what I want and need to do in my life, my family, my business, my community, then I certainly want to be able to employ and enjoy them, too!

Unfortunately, making that happen is increasingly difficult, I find, as I age. Two of the guiding principles that I've followed successfully over the years are: 1) be a life-long learner, and 2) do what you do do well, then find others to do the rest best! I've also discovered that there are some things I'm not going to learn, no matter how much I study, no matter how many graduate courses I take, no matter how many training seminars I attend. Similarly, I've learned that implementing automation and employing good people to do what I can not or do not want to do are smart moves,indeed.

And that brings me back to my review of Commonsense Twitter. I am personally at an Intro to an Introduction to Twitter level when it comes to grasping this Twitter subject! But, I sure can appreciate its present power and growing potential! In fact, I recognize that, like so many innovations before it, it is imperative that I implement it just so that I can maintain, and hopefully improve, my competitive position!

So, how do I approach taking advantage of the benefits awaiting me in an innovation like Twitter such as I do understand, much less tap into those which as yet I can't even conceive?

Well, I find a product or service like Commonsense Twitter that I research and evaluate, then communicate with colleagues that I respect about it, and when I'm satisfied with my findings and results, I tell others about it. And that is what I am doing here!

In my opinion, if you have a business or organization or hobby or cause that you are enthusiastic about, then you should include Twitter in your tactical and strategic plans for increasing your success with it. Furthermore, if you are in the "I can spell Twitter" category of competency about it, like me, I urge you to check out "Commonsense Twitter" at our website, and decide for yourself if it's a good choice for you, too! - (After All Common Sense these days is not really all that common) So Click My Banner Here Now Let's Hook Up I've Got Some Lovely Free-Bees For You...